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equate with (someone or something)

To liken someone or something to something else. I think I enjoy summer so much because I just equate warm weather with happiness. I often let my kids play with my parents' very docile dog so that they don't equate dogs with fear.
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equate someone or something with someone or something

to compare people and things, in any combination. I tend to equate Tom with trouble. I equate the Johnsons with a long boring evening.
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someone to someone else and equate something to something else to claim that someone is in some manner the same as someone else; to claim that something is in some manner the same as something else. I would equate Tom to Wallywhen it comes to native ability. You cannot equate my car to that jalopy you drive!
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The volume von Davier edited approaches equating as a part of a statistical model for measuring test takers' skills, and addresses the research questions and design considerations, as well as considers various equating models, and presents the statistical evaluation of the results.
This perspective on test equating can aid understanding of similarities of different equating models and speed up the training of psychometricians," von Davier says.
Von Davier received the award for her editorship of the book Statistical Models for Test Equating, Scaling, and Linking.
The strongest sales price range was that of condominiums/co-ops priced below $250,000, which increased from the first quarter 2011 (11 sales equating to 16.
Differentiating, manipulating the resulting expression, and equating same to MRP (in order to satisfy the necessary condition for maximum profit), we obtain an expression that implies the firm's optimal wage is equal to the MRP of its optimal amount of labor multiplied by an expression equal to: the wage elasticity of supply at its optimal amount of labor divided by that elasticity plus 1.
It unsettles me when we ourselves imitate the racism of the mainstream media by unequivocally equating hip-hop with drugs, gangs and crime.