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equate (someone or something) with (someone or something)

To perceive someone or something as being representative or equivalent to someone or something else. I think I enjoy summer so much because I just equate warm weather with happiness. I often let my kids play with my parents' very docile dog so that they don't equate dogs with fear.
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equate someone or something with someone or something

to compare people and things, in any combination. I tend to equate Tom with trouble. I equate the Johnsons with a long boring evening.
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someone to someone else and equate something to something else to claim that someone is in some manner the same as someone else; to claim that something is in some manner the same as something else. I would equate Tom to Wallywhen it comes to native ability. You cannot equate my car to that jalopy you drive!
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The closing price equates $300 per buildable square foot.
The purchase price equates to $205,000 per unit and $210 per square foot.
Throughout the years, because of its belief in future generations, EQUATE has launched a number of initiatives aimed at children to ensure overall sustainability through direct interaction.
During 2012, EQUATE and KACCH launched Painting Smiles (PS) campaign to create community awareness about children receiving medical care in hospitals.
The price equates to $136,250 per unit, which represents a gross rent multiplier of 8.7 and a capitalization rate of 7.1%.
EQUATE President & CEO Mohammad Husain said, KFSD plays an integral role in ensuring the security and wellbeing of the entire Kuwaiti society, including industrial organizations.
Established in 1995 as Kuwaits first international joint-venture in this industry, EQUATE Petrochemical Company (EQUATE) embodies its Partners in Success slogan through the partnership between Petrochemical Industries Company (PIC), The Dow Chemical Company (Dow), Boubyan Petrochemical Company (BPC) and Qurain Petrochemical Industries Company (QPIC).