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equate with (someone or something)

To liken someone or something to something else. I think I enjoy summer so much because I just equate warm weather with happiness. I often let my kids play with my parents' very docile dog so that they don't equate dogs with fear.
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equate someone or something with someone or something

to compare people and things, in any combination. I tend to equate Tom with trouble. I equate the Johnsons with a long boring evening.
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someone to someone else and equate something to something else to claim that someone is in some manner the same as someone else; to claim that something is in some manner the same as something else. I would equate Tom to Wallywhen it comes to native ability. You cannot equate my car to that jalopy you drive!
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The price equates to $123,750 per unit, a gross rent multiplier of 8.
However, KPC's top management is said to favour having a major international partner in Equate II, with Dow Chemical being a strong candidate.
8 million in 2005, which equates to fully diluted earnings of $0.
The two-story property is 10,000 s/f and the sale price equates to $296.
20 per share even though the minimum annual distribution of 8% of the average net asset value of the Fund equates to $0.
Based upon cumulative production figures of similar wells in the North Sand Hill Field and the Flat Branch Field, it is estimated that the Unicorp well could have 130,000 barrels of oil reserves which equates to $9,100,000 in gross production at today's price of $70 per barrel.