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The initial density matrix is diagonal and the components of the polarization vector in the chosen system of coordinates are equal:
The length of each coil is equal to l; the length of a target is equal to d; and L is distance between each of coils and a target.
One processor found that the ability to get equal weld depth helped maintain consistent weld integrity in parts that tended to warp to a significant degree while in storage.
After welding by absolute distance, all fully assembled cups were of nearly equal height, and thus remained stable and stackable in use.
1041 nullified the Davis holding that a stock transfer between spouses was taxable, Davis still stands for the proposition that transfers pursuant to divorce are arm's-length transactions and that the properties exchanged are of equal value.
FSA 200005006 indicates that an employee spouse's compensation income and the nonemployee's carryover basis are equal to the options' FMV at the time of the transfer.
Bond investments can be immunized by investing in bonds with a duration (as computed in exhibit 4) equal to the investment horizon.
It's relatively constant because a market rate change causes an equal and opposite reaction in the price and reinvestment risks.
56 Equals: Net domestic fixed investment 62.872 76.649
A directed graph D consists of vertices V(D) together with a set of arcs A(D) [subset or equal to] V(D) x V(D).
which equals 2(t - [lambda]) if x ~ y and 2(t - [mu]) if x [not tilde] y.
The results of the simple linear regression line for each variable with average points per game indicated that both were important and statistically significant (defensive rebounds: t(18) equals 6.566, with p equal to .0001; offensive rebounds: t(18) equals 2.586, with p equal to .019), assuming all assumptions were met.
The New York City Transfer Tax is equal to 1 percent, 1.425 percent or 2.625 percent (depending upon the type of property) of the consideration for the transfer of property.
Limit n [right arrow] [??] g(n)/ p(n) [less than or equal to].