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epic fail

An especially big or embarrassing blunder. I can't believe I called the CEO by the wrong name! What an epic fail. I tried to bake a cake for my sister's birthday, but I accidentally used salt instead of sugar. Epic fail.
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a disaster of epic proportions

A catastrophe. Often used figuratively. Meteorologists have been predicting that the hurricane will be a disaster of epic proportions for us because we're so close to the coast. Oh, my attempt to ask Addison to the dance was a disaster of epic proportions—I could only squeak out a few incoherent words before turning completely red and running away.
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disaster of epic proportions

Cliché a very large disaster. (Often jocular.) The earthquake was responsible for a disaster of epic proportions. Your late arrival caused a disaster of epic proportions.
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Norman and I would go back and forth over more than Evenings--the strong pulp inventions and cadences of Tough Guys Don't Dance, the Chaucerian variety and vigor, as well as truncation, of Harlot's Ghost, the epically extended acuity of Oswald's Tale.
Seattle-based Filson has been making rugged and epically long-lasting wool garments since 1897.
The music is definitely the epically epic in that C-mass tradition hut expect that SA style of Rob's: feverishly high-pitched (hut less Operatic) vox-skills, and I say this with utmost respect and approval.
While the roots of the crisis can be traced to sometimes epically wrongheaded water management strategies, "poverty, inequality, and unequal power relationships" also share the blame.
You fly to Monte Carlo and become epically drunk at all the parties.
With the possible exception of the electric chair, you are unlikely to be subjected to a bigger shock than Mudawin's 100-1 success in an epically exciting Ebor, and York was shrouded in smoke last night as form books were burnt across the city.
If Ancerl's Ma vlast is already as international as his other recordings, Kubelik's historic recording of 1990 is epically exultant, and various versions by some other contemporary conductors are beautifully balanced, then Tallich's is above all balladic.
All the more reason, then, to salute Tom Lewis, author of Divided Highways: Building the Interstate Highways, Transforming American Life (1997), who regards the Hudson as an epically beautiful stretch of waterway and landscape that did nothing less than shape the development of America.
Just remember that during an average press conference, for example, while you're discussing your epically named company and several of your products, and your partner and its products of galactic appellations, you may inadvertently end up tacking on an additional 20 minutes of talk time just to conquer the pronunciations of the names of your own intellectual properties.
As has been said many times before, large contracts--ones requiring the scrutiny of several departments within a major organization--present epically large headaches to those responsible for their upkeep and management.
Kevin has this ability to think epically, while still creating idiosyncratic characters and maintaining this subversive comic sense.
He was really epically funny in just daily conversation.
An end to what has been an epically long winter, they are ready to feel the sunshine on their backs once again.
Worst of all, an epically nasty general-election campaign would do nothing to unite the country and give the next president much of a chance of governing effectively.