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epic fail

An especially big or embarrassing blunder. I can't believe I called the CEO by the wrong name! What an epic fail. I tried to bake a cake for my sister's birthday, but I accidentally used salt instead of sugar. Epic fail.
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a disaster of epic proportions

A catastrophe. Often used figuratively. Meteorologists have been predicting that the hurricane will be a disaster of epic proportions for us because we're so close to the coast. Oh, my attempt to ask Addison to the dance was a disaster of epic proportions—I could only squeak out a few incoherent words before turning completely red and running away.
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disaster of epic proportions

Cliché a very large disaster. (Often jocular.) The earthquake was responsible for a disaster of epic proportions. Your late arrival caused a disaster of epic proportions.
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Despite these minor reservations, Jane Everson's book, the result of several years of study and research, constitutes a significant, stimulating, and valuable contribution to our understanding of Italian romance epic in the age of humanism.
If traditional, centristic epic themes of Western and African culture could not address the complexity of African American experience or critique the injustice of slavery, what type of "epic" could Phillis Wheatley create?
s terms, it required an act of signifyin(g),(3) a performance on/in the epic and the "absolute" and "essential" nature of its laws, both generic and cultural.
Alexander the Great lamented that there was no Homer around to compose an epic about his exploits.
Genesis does not simply belong in the general tradition of epic, however; it continues in the tradition of cosmogonic literature in particular-from the Akkadian and Hittite to the Greek and the biblical.
This left EPIC officials with no choice but to stop borrowing money from the S&L and quit bringing in new partners.