envy for

envy (someone) for (something)

To feel jealousy toward someone for some reason. I envy my sister for her unflappable nature—criticism or judgment just does not bother her at all. Boy, do I envy you for your gorgeous red hair!
See also: envy

envy someone for someone or something

to regard one with jealousy or resentment because of someone or something one has. I envy you for your lovely car. We all envy you for your beautiful children.
See also: envy
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The employee who has worked for Envy for one year is not included because she has not met the service requirement of Sec.
Raising four children, including a 20-month old baby, I rely on Massage Envy for a retreat from my daily stress.
Anyone can enjoy a relaxing, professional massage at Massage Envy for just $60.