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envisage (someone or something) as (something)

To picture or visualize someone or something as something. I think you're envisaging your crush as more perfect than she really is. Try to envisage the office as a nursery.
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envisage someone or something as someone or something

to imagine or visualize someone or something as someone or something. I envisaged you as a more graceful person than you are. We envisaged the living room as sort of a gathering place for the entire family.
See also: envisage
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Macki, while addressing the members of Majlis Al Shura, said that the budget proposal envisages an expenditure growth of RO696 million over last year's level of RO7,434 million and a revenue growth to the extent of RO900 million from RO6,380 million envisaged for last year.
It is taking a bit longer than we first envisaged for the respective legal teams to finalise the documentation but there are no problems with the deal.
The risks to the programm'e budgetary projections also appear broadly balanced and stem from uncertainty as to the implementation of the measures envisaged in the programme.
3) Envisaged solutions: engaging in a process of hypotheses formulation that could support or not a claim depending on the data;
Japan hopes the envisaged resolution to support the transfer of sovereignty from the U.
In conclusion, Loader's study may well stimulate further inquiry into the personal attitudes of the historical Jesus concerning Mosaic tradition, At the same time, the amount of redaction documented by Loader suggests that the task may be even more daunting than was ever envisaged.
The presidential powers envisaged in the draft mirror the provisions in a previous Constitution that had been in place before former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif came to office.
The installation of a new automated long-wall unit is envisaged in year three.
In the 6th chapter, Micah envisaged a cosmic trial; God is the prosecutor, Israelis the accused, and the charge is betrayal.
The envisaged programs will feature new entertainers and television personalities to be recruited with the help of Yoshimoto's TV personalities, they said.
I envisaged 100 per cent, or nearly 100 per cent, remission for countries whose per capita GNP fell below $765 a year, and partial remission for those whose per capita GNP stood between $765 and $2,000.
It also envisages 300 job losses are envisaged in the next five years.
The chip is envisaged as a command and control application - using elements of its ViaVoice speech recognition software.
The physical nature of the flaws in dry rubber is not known, but they have not been envisaged as holes or voids.