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envisage (someone or something) as (something)

To picture or visualize someone or something as something. I think you're envisaging your crush as more perfect than she really is. Try to envisage the office as a nursery.
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envisage someone or something as someone or something

to imagine or visualize someone or something as someone or something. I envisaged you as a more graceful person than you are. We envisaged the living room as sort of a gathering place for the entire family.
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The investment will enable the Envisage Group to increase its support to Jaguar Land Rover, Bentley, Aston Martin, Honda, Tata and many smaller but equally important customers.
The bill envisages the possibility of issuing these documents within a shorter period, but with the payment of a bigger state duty.
Envisage Group managing director Chris Lee said the investment will help the company to compete on a world stage and also increase its support to some of the UK's leading automotive firms.
He says that the project envisages construction of a 400 KV power transmission line and a substation with a DC link.
Envisage has launched a new company, Envisage CPP, meaning that more than 100 jobs have been retained at the former CPP head office on the Seven Stars Industrial Estate.
Nick Plumb, head of retail for KPMG in the North, said, "The fact that 47% of shoppers in the region can envisage themselves doing all of their shopping online in the future speaks volumes about the potential for the channel."
I also envisage his close buttie Frank Hennessy penning a suitable verse to the tune of Danny Boy.
Working on the belief that it would be unrealistic in the near future to envisage a definitive system of taxation in countries of origin (even though this objective is not cast in doubt), Mr Bolkestein aims to create new impetus within the EU Council of Ministers for necessary improvements to be made to the existing system.
Trade minister Lord Green took a trip to Binley's Envisage Group, with the UK Trade & Investment and the Coventry & Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce.
Amendments to the Kazakh legislative acts on public service envisage amendments and supplements to minimize "command moves" and strengthen the protection of the state employees in case of managers changing.
net this week that around 120 highlyskilled jobs were saved at the CPP Manufacturing division of CPP Global Holdings after it was taken over by the Coventry-based Envisage Group.
Bush a envisage en 2007, a la demande d'IsraE1/2l, une attaque contre un site du desert syrien soupconne d'abriter une installation nucleaire mais a finalement renonce a cette idee.
What I did not envisage was that the EU would erect trade barriers hurting the developing world.
HEADINGLEY'S so-called terror track has behaved well enough so far and the spread firms don't envisage it turning into a minefield overnight.
The amendments envisage additional articles under which the broadcaster will be required to ensure the popularising the main direction of Georgian foreign policy, including the integration into NATO and the EU and timely and detailed information for viewers in connection with events associated with Georgia's occupied territories.
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