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be green with envy

To be very jealous of another person. My daughter loves being on stage, so she is just green with envy that Alice got the lead in the school play. When I was a kid, I threw my brother's birthday cake on the floor because I was green with envy that it wasn't my birthday.
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envy (one) for (something)

To feel jealousy toward someone for some reason. I envy my sister for her unflappable nature—criticism or judgment just does not bother her at all. Boy, do I envy you for your gorgeous red hair!
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green with envy

Very jealous of another person. My daughter loves being on stage, so she is just green with envy that Alice got the lead in the school play. When I was a kid, I threw my brother's birthday cake on the floor because I was green with envy that it wasn't my birthday.
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be the envy of (someone or something)

To be that which is most admired or envied by someone or something. You guys will be the envy of the neighborhood once your new pool is finished. As the only one with a window, Beth's corner office is the envy of the department.
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envy someone for someone or something

to regard one with jealousy or resentment because of someone or something one has. I envy you for your lovely car. We all envy you for your beautiful children.
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*green with envy

Fig. appearing jealous; appearing envious. (*Typically: be ~ become ∼.) My new car made my neighbor green with envy. Bill was green with envy that I won first place.
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green with envy

Full of desire for someone's possessions or advantages; extremely covetous. For example, Her fur coat makes me green with envy. Shakespeare described envy as the green sickness ( Anthony and Cleopatra, 3:2), but the current phrase, dating from the mid-1800s, is the one most often heard. Also see green-eyed monster.
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green with envy

If you are green with envy, you very much want to do something that another person is doing or have what they have. She told us she was going to live in Paris and we were all green with envy. This is the most exciting discovery I have made in 20 years of digging. Archaeologists everywhere will be green with envy. Note: This expression is usually used light-heartedly rather than disapprovingly. Note: A greenish-coloured skin on the face was traditionally believed to show jealousy.
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green with envy

very envious or jealous.
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be the envy of somebody/something

be a person or thing that other people admire and that causes feelings of envy: Our new games console was the envy of all the kids in the street.
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ˌgreen with ˈenvy

very jealous (= wanting something that somebody else has): He was green with envy when he saw their expensive new car.
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green-eyed monster/green with envy

Jealousy. The green-eyed monster comes straight from Shakespeare’s Othello (3.3), where the villain Iago tells Othello, “O! beware, my lord, of jealousy; it is the green-ey’d monster which doth mock the meat it feeds on.” The poet’s allusion is to the green-eyed cat family who tease their prey, seeming to love and hate them at the same time. However, a greenish complexion also was associated with jealousy, and elsewhere Shakespeare wrote “Troubled with the green sickness” (Antony and Cleopatra, 3.2). Jealousy and envy are not precisely synonyms; the first is a feeling of resentment against someone who enjoys success or an advantage, or who is a rival; the second is more a feeling of covetousness with regard to someone’s possessions or advantages. Nevertheless the color green came to symbolize envy as well, although somewhat later.
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The experience of envy is followed by behavioral reactions by the enviers toward the venturing team, especially in the case of the "Verde" program.
The role of envy as a catalytic emotion suggests that envy in organizations might more generally lead to sensemaking that reframes the situation, to positive action which elevates the envier, or to negative action which brings down the envied person.
Astute workplace denizens will quickly learn to put a check on possible enviers by being a strong team player and adhering to unofficial workplace rules.
L'Archidiocese d'Ottawa n'a rien a envier au Quebec, il en fait encore partie jusqu'en 1963.
Nous avons une Constitution developpee dont le contenu n'a rien a envier aux Constituions des pays ancres dans la democratie; les elections se deroulent a intervalles reguliers; l'existence de partis politiques de differentes obediences; les syndicats dont la creation remonte a des decennies.
Au regard de ses prix competitifs et de son infrastructure sanitaire qui n'a rien a envier a celles des pays occidentaux, elle ccupe une tres bonne place sur le continent africain dans le domaine du tourisme de sante apres l'Afrique du sud.
D'apres lui, [beaucoup moins que] l'USM El Harrah n'a rien a envier aux autres clubs.
T-shirt serre multicolore et cuissard en elasthanne, Aziz Daouda, qui n'a visiblement rien a envier aux cyclistes pro, explique, en grand connaisseur, qu'il a prefere le velo pour le travail physique et musculaire equilibres qu'elle engendre.
Des nominations qui n'ont rien a envier aux methodes de l'ere Moubarak.
Par ailleurs, pour Al Ameri l'art dans les pays arabes na rien Ea envier Ea l'art en Occident, mais il a besoin d'etre volorisE[umlaut] et surtout E[logical not]tre encouragE[umlaut].
Sa methode s'appuyant sur une etude documentaire approfondie, le recueil et le recoupement d'une abondante base de materiaux de terrain (recits, echanges informels, entretiens, observations) n'a rien a envier aux methodologies des sciences sociales, meme si elle ne sert ici qu'un seul et unique objectif : devoiler les detentions secretes de l'INS.
Les gens de la tout a coup, un besoin de s'arttendrir campagne meilleurs que ceux devant des arbres, cette soif des villes; envier leur champetre qui hante au sort.
Nos peres etaient de grands hommes qui ont su conserver, outre leur langue et leur religion, un art merveilleux qui n'a rien a envier a quelque peuple que ce soit, un repertoire de chansons ou s'etale toute la gamme des sentiments humains, une litterature orale qui lui est propre, des croyances d'une richesse insoupconnee, une technologie geniale qui a echappe a la deshumanisation de l'industrialisation, une musique et des divertissements qui respirent la joie de vivre, des hommes, enfin, qui n'ont d'egal que les heros de leurs contes (Carpentier 1978 : 156).
Ce brassage d'artistes du local, qui n'ont rien a envier a leurs homologues de l'Orient ou de l'Occident auxquels on fait appel, constitue, en fait, une parfaite illustration d'une telle option humaniste, autour du verbe et du son, sous toutes leurs formes.
Facile vainqueur de l'Union Sportive de Sidi Bou Ali (7-2), au tour precedent, le club sudiste n'a rien a envier a son adversaire du jour qu'il devance au classement de la Poule A de Ligue 1 et viendra a Bizerte avec la determination de decrocher son billet pour les quarts de finale.