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be green with envy

To be very jealous of another person. My daughter loves being on stage, so she is just green with envy that Alice got the lead in the school play. When I was a kid, I threw my brother's birthday cake on the floor because I was green with envy that it wasn't my birthday.
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envy (someone) for (something)

To feel jealousy toward someone for some reason. I envy my sister for her unflappable nature—criticism or judgment just does not bother her at all. Boy, do I envy you for your gorgeous red hair!
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envy someone for someone or something

to regard one with jealousy or resentment because of someone or something one has. I envy you for your lovely car. We all envy you for your beautiful children.
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*green with envy

Fig. appearing jealous; appearing envious. (*Typically: be ~ become ∼.) My new car made my neighbor green with envy. Bill was green with envy that I won first place.
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green with envy

Full of desire for someone's possessions or advantages; extremely covetous. For example, Her fur coat makes me green with envy. Shakespeare described envy as the green sickness ( Anthony and Cleopatra, 3:2), but the current phrase, dating from the mid-1800s, is the one most often heard. Also see green-eyed monster.
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green with envy

If you are green with envy, you very much want to do something that another person is doing or have what they have. She told us she was going to live in Paris and we were all green with envy. This is the most exciting discovery I have made in 20 years of digging. Archaeologists everywhere will be green with envy. Note: This expression is usually used light-heartedly rather than disapprovingly. Note: A greenish-coloured skin on the face was traditionally believed to show jealousy.
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In the course of destructive envy, the envious wastes time and effort; on the other hand it hurts the people who are envied if they dedicate the time and emotion to deal with the envious," he added.
They studied people who showed these two kinds of envy and found that people with benign envy were motivated to improve themselves, to do better so they could be more like the person they envied.
In anthropology, they say if you are envied, you might act more socially afterward because you try to appease those envious people," van de Ven says-by sharing your big catch of fish, for example.
I envied the knowledge my teachers possessed and strove to gain at least a fraction.
An envious person has a conviction that the envied one's prosperity and success are somehow to blame for the envious one's deprivation and the lack he feels.
He shows that religion liberates the envious one from envy, and the envied from guilt and fear, by giving hope for the future to all.
I envied those with the great jobs and resented that I didn't have their family connections to jump-start my career," says 39-year-old Redic, who is now the president and CEO of Just Say It Inc.
We overlook the means by which the envied have achieved their ends.
When I cooled down, I realised what I envied him for was not the money as such, or even the bottle to ask for it, it was the freedom it bought him.