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envelop (oneself, someone, or something) in (something)

To wrap oneself, someone, or something in something. As soon as I got in from the cold, I enveloped myself in a blanket and sat in front of the fire. The snowstorm enveloped our area even faster than predicted with white-out conditions.
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envelop someone or something in someone or something

to wrap someone or something in someone or something. The fog enveloped us in its grasp. Mountains of fog rolled in and enveloped the house in dense vapor.
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Seized from the suspects were nine envelops containing P200.
Del Rosario yielded two envelops containing P500 each.
Dark Polaris snowmobiles stand dormant in a row, their cinematic image dissolving slowly into crags of glacial ice, so that shimmering silver logos are superimposed, for a moment, on a sublime landscape--as if all of nature's territories were somehow tamed, enveloped, swallowed whole by the crystalline lettering.
The product, Wiper Gokipao, envelops the insect in acrylic resin, which chokes the roach while solidifying into a cocoon-shaped shell that hides the body.
Not only are the gear teeth curved at the tips but the worm is also curved, or throated, so that its form envelops the curve of the gear.