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enunciate (something) to (one)

To speak very clearly to one; to say something very precisely to one. Can you please stop mumbling and enunciate what you're saying to me? I can't understand you otherwise.
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enunciate something to someone

to say something to someone very clearly and distinctly. Now, enunciate it to everyone, because they probably did not understand you the first time. I will enunciate it to you one more time, slowly.
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At some moments, the therapist needed to interrupt and ask what Luana meant by that enunciation, but as they had knowledge of their shared worlds, she could attribute meaning to the child's speeches.
These declarations must be viewed in the light of the specificity of Beidler's locus of enunciation and the readership it forges.
The tenor was Stuart Jackson, intensely rhetorical in his opening "Comfort ye" recitative and capable throughout of unleashing monuments of drama, such as his aggressive enunciation of key words such as "break" and "dash" in his final air, "Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron".
The threejudge bench said it was extremely important to have a clear enunciation of the law in view of inconsistent opinions in an earlier judgment.
The story is also about her as a racialized and gendered body inhabiting a space of movement and enunciation. she says.
Then they pointed the finger at the cast's poor enunciation. Even Lady Sybil!
Francesco Casetti is the most important theoretician of the cinematographic enunciation based on Emile Benveniste's linguistic theory of enunciation.
Not only one of the greatest singer-songwriters of all time, Paul Simon also has that brilliant skill of enunciation that allows you to understand every word, even on songs you have never heard before.
"To foster mutual understanding, we decided to encourage provincial and sub-regional exchanges, institutionalize the High-Level Media Forum, continue youth exchanges for the next five years and celebrate the year 2014, which is the 60th anniversary of the enunciation of the Panchsheel Principles, as the "Year of India-China Friendly Exchanges"," he said.
Dr Alley rates highly some of those held in the 1970s in providing critical platforms for the enunciation of an increasingly independent New Zealand foreign policy.
While intonation was a problem off and on and the rhythms were at times plodding, the joy of singing and admirable enunciation put across most of the songs.
It was also an evening of many highlights: the CBSO Chorus's barely audible opening 'Requiem aeternam', manic 'quam olim Abrahae' and uplifting Sanctus; a thrillingly projected 'Liber scriptus' and meltingly beautiful Lacrimosa from soprano Erin Wall; the superb enunciation and tonal subtlety of soloists Mark Padmore and Hanno Muller-Brachmann conveying the anguish and despair of Wilfred Owen's poems; and a CBSO in glorious form throughout.
The books' 17 pages of appendices include enunciation drills, a cross-examination cheat sheet, tips on paperless debate, a glossary, and a list of books and web sites.