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enunciate (something) to (one)

To speak very clearly to one; to say something very precisely to one. Can you please stop mumbling and enunciate what you're saying to me? I can't understand you otherwise.
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enunciate something to someone

to say something to someone very clearly and distinctly. Now, enunciate it to everyone, because they probably did not understand you the first time. I will enunciate it to you one more time, slowly.
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Compared with during the initial play period, these babies enunciated substantially more syllables such as "da" and "gu" They also drew deeper breaths while vocalizing, which improved their articulation of speech sounds and removed the nasal tone that many of them had at first.
The Hazelwood restrictions on the high school press, enunciated in the landmark 1988 U.
He never worked with trumpets and trombones, but he enunciated perfectly.
Ironically, the Christian theology represented by The Simpsons--salvation by works as well as grace--may come closest to that enunciated by Pope John Paul II in late 2000.
Many to-day are ignorant of the Ten Commandments, and the great moral principles Jesus enunciated, which have been the very foundation of our society and the laws of this land.
Ama Ata Aidoo's play, Dilemma of a Ghost, performed at the University of Ghana in 1964 and published a year later, explored further the clash-of-cultures theme enunciated in Chinua Achebe's groundbreaking novel, Things Fall Apart (1958), and simultaneously broke new ground by examining the complex ties between Africans and African Americans.
We are inspired by the calls for respect enunciated by leaders like John Paul II and Tutu, who speak on behalf of people who may not otherwise have effective advocates.
During the war, Roosevelt himself enunciated the "Four Freedoms" and proposed an "Economic Bill of Rights," but his own Administration denied Japanese-Americans their liberty.
The court applied the test enunciated in National Helium.
When enunciated together, "mai" and "mai," then means "business.
British artist Stephanie Smith's Untitled (Rebecca), 1993-94, appropriated only the sound track to Alfred Hitchcock's 1940 film Rebecca, montaging every nonverbal utterance - the breathy "oohs" and "ahhs," the moans, sighs, and laughs - enunciated by the film's protagonists into a three-minute fragment that built to an audible climax and denouement.
Another primary principle underlying the biographical endeavor is that enunciated by Philip Ziegler: "Biographers must aim to embrace the totality of the subjects' life" and "never lose their hunger for the minutiae of the subjects' everyday existence.
That Qutb's view of social justice contains an element of utopianism, parallels with Marxism, and a special place for communal property is clearly enunciated.
The cooperative claimed that it had the right to adopt that resolution under the "business judgment rule" enunciated in the seminal Court of Appeals case of Levandusky v.