enunciate to

enunciate (something) to (one)

To speak very clearly to one; to say something very precisely to one. Can you please stop mumbling and enunciate what you're saying to me? I can't understand you otherwise.
See also: enunciate

enunciate something to someone

to say something to someone very clearly and distinctly. Now, enunciate it to everyone, because they probably did not understand you the first time. I will enunciate it to you one more time, slowly.
See also: enunciate
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Enunciate to Build a Broad Range of IP Conferencing Services Based
By extending its market-leading conferencing solutions including reservation-less, attended, automated event, and wireless, to support a pure IP infrastructure, Spectel is enabling Enunciate to expand its service options by delivering powerful value added services and lower operating costs through multiple applications on a standards based platform.
Convedia's carrier-class IP media servers, integrated with Spectel's industry-leading conferencing applications, deliver a next generation SIP-based services platform for Enunciate to offer innovative multimedia conferencing services to their customers today, with the flexibility to rapidly introduce additional enhanced services in the future.
Enunciate to Convedia's industry-leading IP Media Servers
Convedia's Media Servers will allow Enunciate to seamlessly scale with our subscriber's continually growing demand for conferencing services.
Convedia's IP media servers, in conjunction with Spectel's industry-leading application suite, allow Enunciate to support a broad range of enhanced services and we are delighted to be contributing to Enunciate's innovative service offerings and future success.