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entwine around (someone or something)

1. To wrap around someone or something. We need to cut back these vines that have entwined around our gutters.
2. To wrap something around someone or something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "entwine" and "around." My heart fluttered when my date entwined his fingers around mine.
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entwine around someone or something

to weave or wind around someone or something. The snake entwined around the limb of the tree. The huge python entwined around the horrified farmer.
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entwine something around someone or something

to weave or wind something around someone or something. They entwined their arms around each other. Jack entwined the garland of flowers around Jill.
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One of those gems was Entwined, a game that at first glance looks like some weird type of hypnosis.
and unique experiences, such as Entwined, we have something for everyone."
Entwined structures over a field were introduced by Brzezinski in [5]; in [18], this notion was generalized to symmetric monoidal categories.
Each book in the Entwined series is a stand-alone volume, co-written by award-winning romance and erotica authors.
Devices used to automatically transport randomly entwined coil springs generally consist of a parts feeders for aligning and supplying springs and an independent spring separator for separating randomly entwined coil springs.
"Each English fine bone china piece bears the couple's entwined initials in gold and silver surmounted by Prince William's coronet and the wedding date.
Our patriotic politicians, after getting entwined in the antique web regarding the name, alone got caught up in the bad strategy and now do not know how to get out.
I sense a world entwined, Its roots extending from me, As I float at the
Either way, he is a figure of enduring fascination, whose fate was entwined with that of the North itself.
The two developments became entwined as stained glass was used to tell Bible stories to the largely illiterate congregation attending the great cathedrals of the Middle Ages.
Pallas Textiles has partnered with the designer Laura Guido Clark to create its most recent collection, Entwined. This collection contributes to the quality of healthcare environments by creating an air of comfort and solace for those who need it most: patients and family members.
While the crest's design is being kept under wraps, it will feature both Katie and Alex's initials entwined.
Prosper Snow is lead to believe his friends need his help, but soon finds himself entwined in a series of murders.
A panel of "eminent" judges will test entwined lovers on their trundling techniques and award points out of 10 to find the country's greatest field fumblers.