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entwine around (someone or something)

1. To wrap around something. We need to cut back these vines that have entwined around our gutters.
2. To wrap something around something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "entwine" and "around." My heart fluttered when my date entwined his fingers around mine.
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entwine around someone or something

to weave or wind around someone or something. The snake entwined around the limb of the tree. The huge python entwined around the horrified farmer.
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entwine something around someone or something

to weave or wind something around someone or something. They entwined their arms around each other. Jack entwined the garland of flowers around Jill.
See also: around, entwine
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A butternut squash, apple & onion galette with Stilton was paired with entwine chardonnay; pappardelle with veal and pork ragu, entwine merlot; grilled New York strip topped with caramelized onion, over garlic mashed potatoes, entwine cabernet sauvignon.
Entwine will supply its Live Dealer software to the company's Tribal Gaming Network (TGN).
Trainer James Fanshawe has an understandable soft spot for Entwine, as she is a daughter of the classy sprinter Splice who helped put him on the map when winning several decent races for the yard at the start of his training career.
4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Wente Family Estates is proud to announce that both Wente Vineyards and entwine, a wine portfolio co-created by Wente Vineyards and Food Network, have been named "Hot Prospects" by the trade newsletter, Impact, based on both brands' accelerated sales growth in recent years.
A new California wine portfolio, entwine brings the joy of food and varietal flavors to new heights.
Their stories, then and now, entwine as Toni V finds out what happened to Pelly D following the DNA tests that tagged people from each of the three major gene pools propagated on the planet during Colonial times.
In a future world where nanotechnology is commonplace and an artificial intelligence (Aleph) governs, the lives of Amanda and Mathewmark entwine.
And Philemon and Baucis entwine for a final, eternal kiss as they turn into trees.
The Pontiac Aztek is an attempt to entwine the ruggedness of an SUV with the comfort and economy of a smaller sports sedan.
The artist maintains the atmosphere of erotic camaraderie and lilting corruption while refining the terms under which beauty and authority entwine.
In a unique presentation, bold, beautifully shaped and colored glass pieces will float in pools, entwine with vines and hang suspended among flowers and plants, lit naturally from the glass house ceiling.
And then there are Pieter Schoolwerth's cruel tableaux that entwine corporate logos, products, media stars, and mutant figures in the most concise argument for the candy-coated terror that Surrealism crossed with Pop can wield.
Riggins and Gad, in "Where the Shining Trumpets Blow," elucidate Neumeier's invention of myriad ways to entwine couples' limbs into graceful knots that slip seamlessly into new ravelings.
Filled with snippets of history, both English and American, the story cleverly entwines ancient magic and contemporary adolescence in a coming-of-age story that works on both levels.