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entrust (someone or something) to (something)

To leave someone or something in someone's care. I refuse to entrust my precious baby to a 16-year-old who's just going to spend the night watching TV and checking her phone!
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entrust (someone) with (someone or something)

To rely on one to care for someone or something. I refuse to entrust a 16-year-old girl with my precious baby because you just know she's going to spend the whole night watching TV and checking her phone! I can't believe that grandpa entrusted you with his car—that thing is his pride and joy.
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entrust someone or something to someone

to place someone or something into the protection of someone. Can I entrust Johnny to you while I shop? I entrusted my share of the money to Fred until I returned to town.
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entrust someone with someone or something

to trust someone to provide protection and care for someone or something. Can I entrust you with Johnny while I go in and vote? I entrusted Fred with my share of the money until I returned. I would not even entrust myself with the care of this priceless vase!
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Entrust Technologies (Nasdaq:ENTU), today announced a contract with ING Barings, the corporate and investment banking arm of the ING Group, to develop a trusted e-business infrastructure for their e-business initiatives.
ING Barings plan to deploy its Entrust solution to 49 countries and over 10,000 users to enable secure e-business transactions between ING Barings' employees, partners, suppliers, customers and service providers.
Entrust Technologies has offices all over the world, and has product development centres in Switzerland, Canada and California.
The Entrust Java technology-based toolkit will be commercially available in Q3 1998 and priced at $5,000.
Entrust Technologies is headquartered in Richardson, TX with offices in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Philadelphia, Boston, St.
Entrust/Entelligence Software - Entrust Entelligence software performs day-to-day cryptographic operations on behalf of the end user.
Security for electronic transactions is the foundation of the next generation of business transformation, as companies seek to use electronic links to compress cycle times, integrate the supply chain, add value to existing services and create new ones," said John Ryan, president and chief executive officer, Entrust Technologies Inc.