entrust with

entrust (someone or something) with (someone or something)

To rely on one to care for someone or something. I refuse to entrust a 16-year-old girl with my precious baby because you just know she's going to spend the whole night watching TV and checking her phone! I can't believe that Grandpa entrusted you with his car—that thing is his pride and joy.
See also: entrust

entrust someone with someone or something

to trust someone to provide protection and care for someone or something. Can I entrust you with Johnny while I go in and vote? I entrusted Fred with my share of the money until I returned. I would not even entrust myself with the care of this priceless vase!
See also: entrust
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Bryson Farrill, who brings over 40 years of Investment Banking experience to Entrust with a wealth of industry knowledge that few attain.
The two Dallas-based companies began working on the new capability when Perot Systems, a worldwide provider of information technology services, approached Entrust with a request to enhance user access while preserving security.
Combining the digital signatures from Entrust with the TDC Internet Trusted Third Party solution provides security with flexibility and manageability," said Andrew Armstrong, VP of Entrust Northern Europe.
By confirming the interworking of Entrust with ICL's i500 Enterprise Directory Server, the companies can offer their customers a highly scalable solution for enterprise-wide security.