entrust to

entrust (someone or something) to (someone or something)

To leave someone or something in the care of someone or something. I refuse to entrust my precious baby to a 16-year-old who's just going to spend the night watching TV and checking her phone! If you entrust your money to a reputable bank, you expect a certain amount of security.
See also: entrust

entrust someone or something to someone

to place someone or something into the protection of someone. Can I entrust Johnny to you while I shop? I entrusted my share of the money to Fred until I returned to town.
See also: entrust
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I feel confident the new management team will help accelerate the process of taking Entrust to a whole new level of performance.
We're pleased that Perot Systems has selected Entrust to provide its employees with enhanced Internet security for their Intranet and business communications.
It already has issued through its 13 member banks in a pilot program about 15,000 digital IDs from Entrust to help secure those financial institutions' online banking services.
Cisco customers recognize the value of comprehensive security solutions, which is why we're working with best-in-class ecosystem partners like Entrust to deliver key capabilities for accurately identifying users on the network.
We look forward to engaging with Entrust to facilitate reliability and scalability on the Internet.
I fully expect Entrust to emerge from the current economic downturn a stronger and more agile company.
We are very happy to welcome Entrust to the Mobey Forum as we work to obtain interoperability of the technical and security requirements for the mobile finance industry.
The board and John agreed that this was an opportune time for the company to seek new leadership with the specific skills needed to take Entrust to the next level.
The new Entrust Alliance Framework recognizes the differing needs of the diverse organizations wishing to work with Entrust to enable service providers, OEM/resellers and industry-leading organizations to benefit from Entrust's expertise in bringing trusted e-business solutions to companies around the world.
We are pleased to team with Entrust to offer their solutions and our professional services to our customers to increase the use of Web and wireless devices for conducting e-business transactions in Hong Kong.
As a partner, BMC Software will be able to leverage the development tools, testing and marketing support provided by Entrust to integrate CONTROL-SA with Entrust/PKI(TM).
Protect Data has been closely involved from the beginning, working with both Telenor and Entrust to develop the security architecture and business systems for this major Norwegian-led global infrastructure project.
B2B marketplaces have completely revolutionized buying and selling online, and we look to Entrust to provide the trust infrastructure to support high volume transactions, in a many-to-many, buy/sell environment.
This upsurge in Entrust's stock caused by defendants' false and misleading statements enabled Entrust to complete the $703 million stock-for-stock acquisition of enCommerce.