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entrust (someone or something) to (someone or something)

To leave someone or something in the care of someone or something. I refuse to entrust my precious baby to a 16-year-old who's just going to spend the night watching TV and checking her phone! If you entrust your money to a reputable bank, you expect a certain amount of security.
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entrust (someone or something) with (someone or something)

To rely on one to care for someone or something. I refuse to entrust a 16-year-old girl with my precious baby because you just know she's going to spend the whole night watching TV and checking her phone! I can't believe that Grandpa entrusted you with his car—that thing is his pride and joy.
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entrust someone or something to someone

to place someone or something into the protection of someone. Can I entrust Johnny to you while I shop? I entrusted my share of the money to Fred until I returned to town.
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entrust someone with someone or something

to trust someone to provide protection and care for someone or something. Can I entrust you with Johnny while I go in and vote? I entrusted Fred with my share of the money until I returned. I would not even entrust myself with the care of this priceless vase!
See also: entrust
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Over 1,400 enterprises and government agencies in more than 50 countries use Entrust solutions to help secure the digital lives of their citizens, customers, employees and partners.
MXI's secure portable storage solutions enable corporate users to store Entrust digital identity information on the MXI devices, providing secure portability of Entrust credentials and thereby assuring mobility between physical network locations.
Entrust software enables enterprises and governments to extend their business reach to customers, partners and employees.
Since the beginning of our partnership in 1996, customers of Entrust and Chrysalis-ITS have benefited directly from our integrations - ensuring the integrity of their security architectures with offerings that minimize cost of ownership and maximize ease of use," said Randy Kun, vice-president of product management, Chrysalis-ITS.
Randall, who brings over 25 years of stock brokerage and investment banking experience to Entrust.
When deployed together, the AuthentiDate and Entrust TruePass technologies create an audit trail for every form and transaction managed within the CareCert solution.
We are pleased to grant Luna CA3 the first HSM Entrust Ready status for Entrust Authority 6.
Entrust GetAccess already has a significant presence in the European region, and this is a significant step for Entrust in the Web access control market," said Jose Lopez, lead European security analyst at Frost & Sullivan.
Entrust Authority software delivers the enhanced security required for governments and businesses to move higher value and more sensitive data through online transactions, including tax filings, 401K and pension fund administration, e-commerce, e-procurement and other essential business and government activities.
The technology has evolved from successfully deployed Entrust VPN solutions at Perot Systems and now allows employees to access centralized corporate information - via the company's award-winning intranet - from anywhere, and at any time, resulting in more efficient internal processes and overall cost savings.
The enablement of Entrust TruePass for WebSphere will help businesses to secure mission-critical applications for optimal performance," said Scott Hebner, director, WebSphere Application Server and Application Development Tools for IBM.
It already has issued through its 13 member banks in a pilot program about 15,000 digital IDs from Entrust to help secure those financial institutions' online banking services.
6 million (C$27 million) contract for software and services was awarded to Entrust after a consortium of technology leaders, led by BCE Nexxia, was awarded a contract by the Government of Canada to establish Secure Channel.
Through membership in the Cisco AVVID partner program, Entrust provides Cisco enterprise VPN customers with unmatched secure identity capabilities.
Entrust Technologies Limited (NASDAQ: ENTU) today revealed it has won more than 50 customers, many of them leading Japanese corporations, for getAccess, the company's award-winning portal access management solution.
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