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entreat (one) to (do something)

To beg or plead with someone to do something. When the babysitter suddenly canceled, my parents entreated me to stay home with my siblings instead of going out with my friends.
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entreat someone to do something

to beg someone to do something. They entreated us to come back as soon as we could. I entreat you to think it over again.
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Cavalcanti, the poet of the complexities of love, contributed some of the most stunning examples of the dolce stil nuovo, as for example the sonnet that begins "Who is she coming, whom all gaze upon." Cavalcanti was also the author of a famous and difficult canzone analyzing the nature of love, called "Donna mi prega" ("A lady entreats me").
Some time later, Alec, now a preaching fanatic, entreats Tess to return to him.
Roger Swain (Richard E Grant) heads up the film division and entreats scriptwriters Tom Buckley (Sam Claflin) and Raymond Parfitt (Paul Ritter) to unearth a story of heroism.
Meanwhile, Zuko's father Fire Lord Ozai (Cliff Curtis) entreats trusted Commander Zhao (Aasif Mandvi) to find Aang and prevent the boy from achieving his destiny.
Local Sheriff Redmond Vaines (O'Herlihy) surmises that Sarah must have murdered her pals and he entreats deputy Elen Rios (Cummings) to interrogate Sarah and tease out a confession.
In a four minute video she entreats young Democratic Jews to "Shlep yourselves over to Florida to [get your grandparents to] vote [for U.S.
Ann is immediately spirited away by Lila's brother Buddy, who entreats her to put an end to the wedding because his sister is secretly in love with dashing friend Harris Arden.
Desperate to have Sofia as the jewel in the crown of his bar, Todd entreats her to work for him.
She argues that intellectual freedom requires financial freedom, and she entreats her audience to write not only fiction but poetry, criticism, and scholarly works as well.