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entreat (one) to (do something)

To beg or plead with someone to do something. When the babysitter suddenly canceled, my parents entreated me to stay home with my siblings instead of going out with my friends.
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entreat someone to do something

to beg someone to do something. They entreated us to come back as soon as we could. I entreat you to think it over again.
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References in classic literature ?
Please not to call it by any name," said Dorothea, putting out her hands entreatingly.
Labyrinth opens with Sarah, clad in a medieval-era gown and flowery coronet, speaking entreatingly to the camera, but she falters and has to check her lines in a small book she draws from her sleeve.
In "The Chess Set of Ivory" a cuckolded husband unburdens himself, obliquely but nonetheless entreatingly, to his young daughter: "Father's words came quickly now; they spilled from his mouth with such urgency I could barely follow: `Evil is a lack, you see,' I thought I heard him say.
When my husband was called to sign, he made a last effort, stepping entreatingly toward me with one word - 'Darling' - but my Dad moved over and pulled his arm and said his name and he went to the desk and signed too.