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entreat (one) to (do something)

To beg or plead with someone to do something. When the babysitter suddenly canceled, my parents entreated me to stay home with my siblings instead of going out with my friends.
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entreat someone to do something

to beg someone to do something. They entreated us to come back as soon as we could. I entreat you to think it over again.
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She is consigned to a Father--Boots's Father, who employs five hundred thousand men--and is brought to anchor on Veneering's left; thus affording opportunity to the sportive Tippins on his right (he, as usual, being mere vacant space), to entreat to be told something about those loves of Navvies, and whether they really do live on raw beefsteaks, and drink porter out of their barrows.
I entreat you, speaking with the ignorance of a welder, to explain to me how to put on a protective suit, since unfortunately my wife did not get a master's degree in such matters.
He said the detained beggars resorted to different means to entreat money, such as selling copies of the holy Quran and prayer brochures, and requesting alms from pedestrians and motorists by showing fake medical reports to exploit their sympathy.
With slender branches trees entreat a sift of foliage.
The Kurdish Globe By Behrooz Shojai Part II The Shah beheld with surprise the fortitude of the tortured wretch, and his admiration being excited thereat, he proceeded to entreat the man to confess, assuring him of both protection and reward.
As the operation reaches its peak we entreat the general public to bear with the Police for any inconveniences, as it is aimed at ensuring sanity on the road," the statement said.
At each step of the legal process the Chapter will continue to entreat the protesters to agree to a peaceful solution and, if an injunction is granted, will then be able to discuss with the protesters how to reach this solution.
The little mouse is eagerly anticipating autumn, a time when all his favorite things come to pass--but for now his parents entreat him to relish the moment, as summer days fly by all too quickly.
The journey across the Asian landscape is drawn with love and yearning for recognition: from Busan, "a city sitting in the core of modernism," (45) to Kunsan, with its "manicured grasses and sceneries shield[ing] the vista / From the ominous invasion of capitalism," (54) and Mokpo, a major port city in South Korea, which "many entreat to wed their dreams" (56).
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Hunter and Salzman entreat readers to build on the nation-wide momentum that helped elect Obama by becoming involved with or leading community organizing and volunteer pursuits.
Julia Rabanovich of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem translated the inscription as, "Was once the embrace of a lover that entreat.
Sir Michael Stoute sends few runners here but has a levelstakes profit which was added to when Entreat responded positively to the fitting of a visor to romp away with the near 1m11/2f maiden under Pat Dobbs, who was making it two from two for the trainer at the track.
SIR Michael Stoute's Entreat faces her easiest task to date and is crying out to be backed in Brighton's Superjam Cream Tea Maiden Stakes today.
One at a time, they entreat him to address them on love, marriage and children, on giving, on basic needs such as food, clothing, housing, work, and on spiritual matters such as good and evil, justice and prayer.