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These soft palate injuries were divided into two categories, hanging outside dulaa (n=20) and entrapped dulaa (n=3).
The release profile showed that an initial burst had occurred, which was followed by a slower release of the [alpha]-tocopherol entrapped within the PLGA matrix.
to award fire departments with grain bin rescue tubes and specialized training to help save lives when farmers and other workers become entrapped in grain bins.
FAKE MEDIA MEN -- People's Television 4 (PTV4) Executive Producer Emil Carreon (right) points at the bogus press ID of suspect Milandro Reyes and his alleged cohort Patrick Cortez, who were entrapped by police while soliciting P50,000 from the Provincial Information Office of Pampanga last Thursday.
The kinetic constants of native and entrapped [alpha]-amylase were determined at different concentrations of buffered soluble starch substrate ranging from 0.2% to 2.0% at pH 6.0 and 50[degrees]C.
Results of lower density values obtained in the presence of higher oil concentrations entrapped in polymeric systems.
"The government has entrapped me through the CBI," he said adding: "I am not afraid of the CBI." "There is no question of any influence.
The cause of the holes (porosity) is most likely excess hydrogen gas entrapped in the molten metal.
When the stent arrived to the lesion area, the broken tip of the guidewire was seen at the end of the stent as a ring and entrapped over the culprit lesion (Fig.
DURING BREECH VAGINAL DELIVERY of a premature infant, the child's head became entrapped. A maternal-fetal medicine specialist was called in.
Summary: Conrad Murray, the doctor convicted of killing Michael Jackson, says that he was "entrapped" by the late singer in the run up to his death.
THE doctor convicted of killing Michael Jackson has said he was "entrapped" by the late singer.
Data on the adult was obtained by direct interview and by performing the following 6 prospective studies: (1) measurement of volume of entrapped bathwater ; (2) determination of frequency of bathwater entrapment occurring; (3) determination of time interval in which fluid will spontaneously leak after a bath, if not evacuated; (4) tampon study to determine if an intra-vaginal tampon becomes wet during bathing; (5) confirmation that fluid from the vagina is bathwater (and not urine), using a pH and colour test.
The judge said that given the evidence of two meetings between Amir and Kearns in particular, the Lurgan man acted in the way he did because he had been 'entrapped" during the operation against the Real IRA.