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The deposits entrap metal that superheats, causing penetration and even refractory melting.
Failure to do this will entrap metal in the deposit causing it to superheat, penetrate the lining and force premature lining replacement.
Pheroid encapsulates, or entraps, the Phytofare in a colloidal emulsion which clinical tests have shown both improves absorption into the blood plasma and protects the Phytofare against metabolization during the digestive process, concluded the company.
The current benefits system "entraps" vulnerable families and leaves schools and nurseries to bring up children, according to Clarissa Williams, the new president of the National Association of Head Teachers.
In the ballet's most memorable scene, a vivid red swath of fabric entraps the central character, echoing Spessivtseva's complicated relationship with her homeland.
Poe's tale concerns a jester who entraps a scornful king and courtiers in ape suits, then kills them.
He weaves the culture of Greece and opera into a tale of political intrigue that entraps characters in shades of deception and honor.
Along the way there is the use of minor magic to create good meals and major magic that entraps human souls.
The additive entraps offensive compounds originating inside or outside a package or in the resin itself.
"Unfortunately, in recent years we have faced a phenomenon in which the US administration entraps some of our countrymen in foreign states and creates fake stories which leads to their arrest by the relevant government," Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyed Abbas Araqchi said in Tehran.
As particles from an animal litter box or cage, shoes, metal cutting, wood shavings, and copy machines are generated, they immediately encounter the high loft non-woven top layer, which immediately immobilizes and then entraps them, preventing them from scattering.
In this method, the stabilized antibody firstly entraps the related analyte (antigen), then the entrapped antigen is identified and measured with the help of the second marked antibody.
Why we care: Best Supporting Actor nominee Benicio Del Toro plumbs the lower depths, including a seedy gay bar where he entraps dangerous Mexican assassin Francisco Flores (Clifton Collins Jr.) with mere steamy eye contact, and out actor Corey Spears pops up as one of the pill-popping preppies who lead Michael Douglas's daughter to perdition.
A new cyclone filter separator from Universal Dynamics entraps dust and fines and directs heavier materials to a collection bin, reducing contaminants that reach the pump filter.
In a properly designed system, it also entraps oxides by reducing velocity.