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gain entrance

To enter a place or location upon acquiring permission or a means of access. After getting the security guard's attention, we were able to gain entrance to the building.
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make an entrance

To appear in or enter into some place in a very dramatic, ostentatious, or conspicuous manner. The boss always makes an entrance when he arrives in the morning, making a point of getting everyone's attention in the process. Each team made an impressive entrance into the stadium, both trying to out-perform the other.
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make an entrance

to enter [a place], in some formal or special way, as onto the stage in a play or opera. She made her entrance too early and threw everyone into confusion.
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It is because Humbert is at the same time so entrancingly obsessed by his nymphet, and so rhapsodically articulate about the nature of his obsession with her, that the link between the peculiarity of the dominating emotion and the style in which it is expressed is at the same time so clearly evident and so difficult to explain.
The same way we would have had to invent naughty gays, entrancingly beautiful lesbians and people who dream of the old days when all of them lived only secretly in their own little underworlds away from the attention of prejudiced fascists who still wish for enforceable laws against sodomy, those who still hold on to the creepy idea that God gave us AIDS to punish homosexuals.
The steel has been subtly spray painted in lovely lustrous steel hues full of depicted reflections and modulations--it's entrancingly atmospheric.
Suffice it to say Sir Harcourt believes he will be irresistibly attractive to his betrothed - despite the fact that she is the entrancingly young heiress Grace Harkaway - played with an irresistible, delight by Rae Hendrie who reveals a charming comic talent and a bewitching smile.
A more pressing question: How does a vocally gifted, entrancingly pretty young actress develop a knack for entombing herself in Broadway bombs?
Pure junk," sniffed a typically disdainful reviewer, yet in the finest B-movie tradition, director Antoine Fuqua turned generic liabilities into assets; as an exercise in iconic abstraction and stylized displacement, it equaled Woo protege Patrick Leung's entrancingly blank Beyond Hypothermia (Chow's costar Mira Sorvino might be auditioning for the role of Hypothermia's cold-blooded hitwoman who falls for a noodle vendor and gets them both killed).
O'Hare ricochets entrancingly from giddy enthusiasm to God-fearing sobriety as he high-kicks his way to the scaffold as Guiteau.
2," the supremely tasty and entrancingly elegant conclusion to the filmmaker's unique serving of deep-dish cinephilia.
Entrancingly enacted by Zellweger and Kidman, relationship between the two women provides the story with its strongest positive dynamic in a world dominated by conflict, suspicion and violence.