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gain entrance

To enter a place or location upon acquiring permission or a means of access. After getting the security guard's attention, we were able to gain entrance to the building.
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make an entrance

to enter [a place], in some formal or special way, as onto the stage in a play or opera. She made her entrance too early and threw everyone into confusion.
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Entrancement in relationships can take a very dysfunctional form.
Rousseau poses the story of his own aesthetic entrancement as a lesson, a cautionary tale.
Perhaps our entrancement with the digital economy, just like the enchantment with Tlon has to do with a deep-seated desire for a reality that is perfectly ordered.
I'm not talking here about a Castro-style rant, a survey of enemies that drives listeners into a stupor, nor even a homespun entertainment like Dale Bumpers's recent defense of President Clinton, but a legal entrancement, a rhetorical cliffhanger, at the end of which the speaker panted, "My Lords, I have done
Deep entrancement occurs when the possessing entity is a powerful genie or spirit.
In the course of their long marriage, Mitchell had once or twice been unfaithful to Lizbeth, and Lizbeth may have been unfaithful to him, in her intense emotions if not sexually, but time had passed, and time continued to pass, like random items in a drawer their days, weeks, months, and years casually tumbled together in the entrancement of adult life; and this was a peaceful confusion, like a succession of vivid and startling dreams that, after you've awakened, you will be unable to recall except as emotions.
Whereas Weissmanns approach is Lego-like - he stands moral midgets on the shoulders of medical giants-astronomy buff Carl Sagans strategy of public entrancement is ballistic.
What produces such widespread entrancement with the risk of a commercial airline flight, especially after a crash?
But what Jeanneret sees from a literary perspective as Rabelais's entrancement with a hermeneutical problem, I see from a historical perspective as his obsession with a cultural problem, characterized by the tension between "Renaissance" and "Reformation.
This interpretation goes against the frequently found entrancement -- specially in the popular press -- with accounts which focus on modem infotechnology as the overriding impetus towards change.
By contrast, Allawi presents a sort of 'Lives of the Saints' of those who strove for reform and normally failed, being always constrained in the end to watch their fellow believers (today especially the Sunnis), yield to the thrall of empty form, latterly to the entrancement of violence, instead of the embrace of creativity.
As we have seen, her erotic entrancement leads her to forgive her former lover.
Scribbler Ghost until Nature in her long Entrancement
This interpretation goes against the frequently found entrancement - especially in the popular press - with accounts which focus on modern infotechnology as the overriding impetus towards change.