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gain entrance

To enter a place or location upon acquiring permission or a means of access. After getting the security guard's attention, we were able to gain entrance to the building.
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make an entrance

To appear in or enter into some place in a very dramatic, ostentatious, or conspicuous manner. The boss always makes an entrance when he arrives in the morning, making a point of getting everyone's attention in the process. Each team made an impressive entrance into the stadium, both trying to out-perform the other.
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make an entrance

to enter [a place], in some formal or special way, as onto the stage in a play or opera. She made her entrance too early and threw everyone into confusion.
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We're only a couple of blocks now from where I got you out of that entrance. Friend and foe are all mixed up.
Fentolin sped up the last few feet into the great hail, which seemed more imposing than ever by reason of this unexpected entrance. Hamel, blinking a little, stepped to his side.
Anyway, neither lagoon has an entrance. Ahunui is another hundred miles on to the nor'west.
"Is there any lagoon with an entrance anywhere nearer than Hao Island?" he asked.
Its lagoon was thirty miles long, and its entrance was excellent.
No entrances! What in the devil are islands good for?
All these islands, reefs, shoals, lagoons, entrances, and distances were marked on the chart of his memory.
Works on the Academy Street entrance are funded by a grant of PS30,256 from the Inverness Townscape Heritage Project (ITHP) and PS12,967 from the Inverness Common Good Fund.
However, the main entrance should be used where possible as works will be taking place on the road adjacent to Scotts Road.
Among such figures were Napoleon Bonaparte, whose entrance into the gates of conquered cities like Berlin, Austerlitz and Moscow are commemorated in medals; and Alexander, the Great, whose triumphal entry into Babylon is immortalized in many works of art.
Pana Community Hospital has provided a temporary entrance into the hospital to be used during the expected six months of construction.
An image of how the new eastern entrance will look has been unveiled by Transport for West Midlands (TFWM), part of the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA).
An artist's impression of the new eastern entrance was revealed by Transport for West Midlands (TFWM).
An image of how the new eastern entrance will look was released today (Tuesday December 18) by Transport for West Midlands (TfWM), part of the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA).