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entitle (one) to (do something)

To allow or authorize someone to do something. That pass entitles us to go backstage and meet the band. Good news—this coupon entitles you to save 20% on your entire purchase!
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entitle someone to do something

[for something] to qualify someone to do something. This ticket entitles you to go in and take a seat. Does this paper entitle me to get a discount?
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Each Series 4 Special Warrant entitles its holder to acquire, without any additional or other consideration, 34,000 Flow-Through Shares at anytime until the Expiry Time on the Expiry Date.
Each Special Compensation Warrant will entitle the Agent to acquire, without any additional or other consideration, one Agent's option ("Agent's Option") on the same terms as the Special Warrants.
In addition, if the Company is involved in a merger or business combination transaction with another person in which the Company is not the surviving corporation, each right that has not previously been exercised will entitle its holder to purchase, at the right's then-current exercise price, common shares of such other person having a value of twice the right's exercise price.
Each common share purchase warrant will entitle the holder to purchase one common share of the Company at $2.
The Agent's Warrant will entitle Griffiths McBurney & Partners (Guernsey) Limited to purchase up to 208,700 common shares in the capital of the Company for a period of two years following the later of the date a receipt is issued for a (final) Prospectus of the Company qualifying the distribution of the securities issuable upon exercise of the special Warrants and July 16, 1996, at a price of $1.
If a receipt is not issued for the Prospectus by November 13, 1996, then each Special Warrant will entitle the holder thereof to acquire 1.
Each right entitles the holder to buy 1/100 of a share of preferred stock of the company at an exercise price of $80.
The A warrant entitles Echo Bay to purchase an additional 1,333,333 shares at $1.
Each right entitles the holder to purchase 1/100th of one share of a new series of preferred stock, designated Series B preferred stock, at an initial exercise price of $25.
Each Class WA Warrant now entitles the holder to purchase 1.