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entitle (one) to (do something)

To allow or authorize someone to do something. That pass entitles us to go backstage and meet the band. Good news—this coupon entitles you to save 20% on your entire purchase!
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entitle someone to do something

[for something] to qualify someone to do something. This ticket entitles you to go in and take a seat. Does this paper entitle me to get a discount?
See also: entitle
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With a specialized offering such as Entitle Christian, Entitle is offering its members an unmatched curated collection of titles that its members will love all while saving them money over their current reading options.
David C Cook is pleased to partner with Entitle as it launches an incredible new way for Christians to discover and enjoy books uniquely suited for their faith," said Michael Covington, Senior Digital Strategist for Publishing at David C Cook.
Dwyer adds: "One of the keys to ENTITLE DIRECT's success is that the Company not only provides consumers with significant savings on title insurance, but also educates and empowers them to control their closings.
acted as Entitle Direct Group's sole placement agent in this transaction.
Since its national launch in early 2009, ENTITLE DIRECT has shifted the paradigm of the 130-year-old title insurance industry, and consumers have already saved millions of dollars in closing costs.
Consumers benefit from working with ENTITLE DIRECT's specially trained Closing Specialists, who order title searches, obtain title commitments, coordinate closings with all parties, obtain payoffs, prepare ENTITLE DIRECT HUD-1 Settlement Statements, schedule closings, and ensure the funding of loans.
Entitle Direct Group has accomplished a great deal in the last year since launching ENTITLE DIRECT, and I look forward to adding support and being a part of the team as it continues to grow," says Verklin.
We hope to assist in the housing recovery by lowering closing costs for all Americans," states Timothy Dwyer, President and CEO of Entitle Direct Group.
Series C Preference Participating Drilling Shares entitle the owner to a mandatory dividend of 33 1/3% on the Net Royalty Income from gas production realized on a total of 10 certain gas leases in Crockett County, Texas.
Each Series A share purchase warrant entitles the holder to purchase one additional common share of the Company until December 31, 2006 at a price of US$1.
Each whole warrant entitles the holder to purchase one additional non flow-through common share for a period of two years at a price of $0.