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in its entirety

 and in their entirety
completely; until completely done or gone. I watched the basketball game in its entirety. My friends and I ate the two large pizzas in their entirety.
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in its/their enˈtirety

as a whole, rather than in parts: The poem is too long to quote in its entirety.
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It is where solutions management can be witnessed in real action in its entirety.
The Development of TBE Property: Married Women Could Not Hold Property Individually--Tenancy by the entirety took form in the 14th century and the feudal system also played a role in its development as a married woman could not hold property in her individual name.
19 percent in the entirety of 2010 while Syrian banks recorded a rate of 0.
As if Primal scream coming to Belfast to do screamadelica in it's sublime entirety and then Andy Weatherall playing the official afterparty, with the one and only Mani also friggin well playing round the corner in the Black Box wasn't enough.
MMPI and Richard Meruelo, MMPI's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer who was quoted in the press release, hereby retract the press release in its entirety in compliance with the Bankruptcy Court's decision.
Where the homestead is held in the name or names of a trustee or trustees of a revocable inter vivos trust or of revocable inter vivos trusts made by the settlors of such trust or trusts who are husband and wife, and the husband and wife are the primary beneficiaries of one or both of the trusts so created, and the deed or deeds conveying title to the homestead to the trustee or trustees of the trust or trusts specifically state that the interests of the husband and wife to the homestead property are to be held as tenants by the entirety, the estate created shall be deemed to be a tenancy by the entirety.
Without stability in her recent relationship, Sabrena received a visit which will immediately change the entirety of her perspective and understanding of the every intricacy of her own mind, her life, and her entirety.
95), both school and community library systems would be well advised to acquire the Science Around Us series in its entirety for the benefit of their students and young patrons.
The Memorial Quilt hasn't been displayed in its entirety in nearly 10 years.
The Sorgentis purchased the collection once owned by ARCO Chemical Company in its entirety and donated it to the academy, expanding on its holdings of African American art.
Katrina: One of our challenges as preachers, then, is to honor the story in its entirety and leave space for the story as it unfolds on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.
My wife has been giving me a subscription to SN for many years, and I still read each edition in its entirety.
Thus, regardless of the answers given to questions in the application, if the financial statements submitted along with the application prove to later be materially misstated (the likely end result of a financial restatement), the carriers will argue that their reliance on such financial statements in issuing the policy provides independent grounds to rescind the policy in its entirety as to all insureds, regardless of knowledge or intent.
As guest editor of this issue, I deliberately left it up to them to discuss any aspect of the Report they wished to discuss, or to discuss it in its entirety.
This Statement does not apply to features that are embedded in a financial instrument that is not a derivative in its entirety.