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entice (someone or something) into (something)

1. To appeal to someone or an animal in some way, in order to convince them to do something. My parents are trying to use money to entice me into getting better grades—and it's working!
2. To appeal to someone or an animal in some way, in order to convince them to physically enter something. What can we use to entice the animals into the trap? I enticed the kids into the car with the promise of ice cream.
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entice (someone or something) with (something)

To use something appealing to convince someone or an animal to do something. We enticed the animals with some food and got them into the trap. I enticed the kids with the promise of ice cream.
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entice someone

(or an animal) into doing something to lure or cajole someone or an animal into doing something. We finally enticed him into running for office. Donna enticed the cat into coming down from the tree.


someone (or an animal) into something to lure someone or an animal into something. Can I entice you into the house for some cold lemonade? We were able to entice the squirrel into the box with nuts.


someone or an animal with something to lure someone or an animal with something. We tried to entice him with a description of the cake, but he was not interested in coming. If the cat won't come in, try enticing it with a bit of fish.
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A real enticer, however, is the blackboard by the entrance, which lists sinful desserts such as Nutella cheesecake and red velvet cake.
AB auras / burbs AD Aira / dird AF Aiae (HI) / fife AH taiga / thigh AK sauna / skunk AN aevis / Nevin (CA, KY) AP area / prep AU zamboorak / zumbooruk AY coala / coyly AC aleak / cleck AE anticar / enticer AG aurae/gurge AI quacksalver / quicksilver AM toatoa / tom-tom AO abelian / obelion AR Aotea / roter AW Aoa (AS) / wow
Thus, they too became new sets of enticers. And what the Kapa agents have added to claim legitimacy is its alleged name dropping of leading political personalities like Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio, resigned Vice Mayor Pulong Duterte, and even the President.
The enticers, he said, would demand to deposit Rs 5,000 to 10,000 as registration fee to start earning but later disappeared and reappeared in some cases with a different name as a new stratagem.
I was using a 55-gallon barrel of sweet-coated popcorn as my primary bait, with molasses and dog food as further enticers. I also sprayed all the surrounding area with a mist of anise-flavored water.
For both, the completed action cannot change, meaning the higher status enticers retain and gain power by their influence upon others.
La diversion y la expresion personal a traves de la musica se consideraban una terapia esencial para aliviar la enfermedad y una alternativa mas sana; aunque los cantos y la musica de los instrumentos con los que se acompanaban podian cautivar y anular la voluntad del oyente: "The very tone of some of their voices, a pretty pleasing speech, an affected tone they use, is able of it selfe to captivate a young man [...] they are able to overcome a saint [...] A sweet voice and musicke are powerful enticers" (Burton 110-11).
The premiere of For Ella (to music sung by Ella Fitzgerald) featured Kozlova and Victoria Rinaldi, with swiveling-hips and neon-dipped pony-tails, as the high-kicking, honky-tonk enticers of four swains.