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entice (someone or something) into (something)

1. To appeal to someone or an animal in some way, in order to convince them to do something. My parents are trying to use money to entice me into getting better grades—and it's working!
2. To appeal to someone or an animal in some way, in order to convince them to physically enter something. What can we use to entice the animals into the trap? I enticed the kids into the car with the promise of ice cream.
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entice (someone or something) with (something)

To use something appealing to convince someone or an animal to do something. We enticed the animals with some food and got them into the trap. I enticed the kids with the promise of ice cream.
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entice someone

(or an animal) into doing something to lure or cajole someone or an animal into doing something. We finally enticed him into running for office. Donna enticed the cat into coming down from the tree.


someone (or an animal) into something to lure someone or an animal into something. Can I entice you into the house for some cold lemonade? We were able to entice the squirrel into the box with nuts.


someone or an animal with something to lure someone or an animal with something. We tried to entice him with a description of the cake, but he was not interested in coming. If the cat won't come in, try enticing it with a bit of fish.
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A visual arts exhibition exploring enticement, allurement and attention.
1, was convicted of three counts of enticement of a child under the age of 16 after a jury trial last month in Worcester Superior Court.
Some people even go to the trouble of spooning a little sugar into the watering can as a further enticement.
The panelists agree, with each also insisting that owners avoid giving free rent as an enticement.
For many this is an enticement to take a skiving day off work.
Stoute saddles the Queen's Enticement with Ryan Moore in the saddle, while Gosden runs Khalid Abdullah's Take The Hint in the hands of Stephane Pasquier.
Robert Smith, the centre's executive MBA director, said the month-long "early bird" enticement had attracted expressions of interest from potential candidates across North Wales and as far as Cardiff, Solihull and London.
Sir Michael Stoute's unbeaten Enticement created a favourable impression in two races last year, sparking hopes the Queen can land her first victory in the fillies' Classic since 1977.
ENTICEMENT can secure her place in the Investec Oaks line up with victory in the Tattersalls Musidora Stakes at York.
Officials report the ground to be in excellent shape as the three-day meeting kicks off and Enticement can deal with quicker conditions.
Sariska, Enticement and High Heeled have been declared in a field of six, although the latter will only run if the ground is suitable.
After negotiating with an undercover agent for a cheaper price for sex with two minor girls, Bob was arrested and later convicted under the commonly called Sex Tourism Statute that criminalizes the recruitment, enticement, harboring, or transporting of a minor to engage in prostitution in the United States.
MacDonald, who went on to become chairman and CEO of Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America before retiring to consulting work in 2002, said the hope for AIMS is that the same enticement to get in on the ground floor appeals to today's life insurance producers.
The noun form is used to mean a trap, enticement, or temptation.
For further enticement, $500 worth of career-related freebies like padfolios were distributed at the end.