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entice (someone or something) into (something)

1. To appeal to someone or an animal in some way, in order to convince them to do something. My parents are trying to use money to entice me into getting better grades—and it's working!
2. To appeal to someone or an animal in some way, in order to convince them to physically enter something. What can we use to entice the animals into the trap? I enticed the kids into the car with the promise of ice cream.
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entice (someone or something) with (something)

To use something appealing to convince someone or an animal to do something. We enticed the animals with some food and got them into the trap. I enticed the kids with the promise of ice cream.
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entice someone

(or an animal) into doing something to lure or cajole someone or an animal into doing something. We finally enticed him into running for office. Donna enticed the cat into coming down from the tree.


someone (or an animal) into something to lure someone or an animal into something. Can I entice you into the house for some cold lemonade? We were able to entice the squirrel into the box with nuts.


someone or an animal with something to lure someone or an animal with something. We tried to entice him with a description of the cake, but he was not interested in coming. If the cat won't come in, try enticing it with a bit of fish.
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Enticed charms across the board and is a sweet but salty, memorable romance.
A well-bred son of Medaglia d'Oro races out of former UAE champion trainer Kiaran McLaughlin's yard in New York, Enticed won his debut at six furlongs on September 4 at Saratoga Race Course where he finished his race well to win by 1 A"-lengths.
"Having enticed her into that quiet part of the building you grabbed her in a sexual way.
As phishing continues to net unsuspecting adults who believe that apparently official requests for personal information are not out of order, children are less equipped to recognize the seams and may be enticed to give away names, addresses and telephone numbers.
Rueda's most shocking detail about NAMBLA's founding conference was the involvement of "Father Paul Shanley, representative of Boston's Cardinal [Humberto] Medeiros for sexual minorities...." According to an account of the event published in a magazine called Gays Week, Shanley spoke of a case in which a young boy enticed into a homosexual relationship "was rejected by family and society but helped by a boy-lover." Imprisoning the predatory adult homosexual, according to Shanley, "began the psychic demise of that child."
Despite its relative success, the Lebanese Shi'ite community, namely in the south, have experienced divisions that enticed a number of its members to collaborate with Israel against the wishes of the Shi'ite majority which is supportive of Hizballah and Amal.
The researchers enticed a flat, featureless coating of melted Plexiglas to grow upward to meet a silicon template, or mask.
He enticed the children of FDR Democrats to think of government not as savior, refuge, compact of fellow citizens--or even as their problem--but as the enemy.
Men would eagerly wait in line, enticed by the talker's promise that these women would "take it off, roll it up, and throw it right at you." This was the origin of modern striptease.
Artistic director--choreographer Alonzo King constantly enticed them into being more daring, more passionate.
The reader is enticed into learning the taxonomic characteristics of the region's native trees through stories of people who used them creatively in their lives.
Millennials after all are easily enticed by any story celebrating love and exploration.
"I was fortunate enough to go in 2002, so that enticed me to come back.
No photos, which would have enhanced the presentation but serious cooks with experience don't need them to be enticed.
The import of international firms has created a demand for development in Latin America that in turn has enticed the likes of powerhouse Manhattan developer/owners such as Tishman Speyer Properties.