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entice (someone or something) into (something)

1. To appeal to someone or an animal in some way, in order to convince them to do something. My parents are trying to use money to entice me into getting better grades—and it's working!
2. To appeal to someone or an animal in some way, in order to convince them to physically enter something. What can we use to entice the animals into the trap? I enticed the kids into the car with the promise of ice cream.
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entice (someone or something) with (something)

To use something appealing to convince someone or an animal to do something. We enticed the animals with some food and got them into the trap. I enticed the kids with the promise of ice cream.
See also: entice

entice someone

(or an animal) into doing something to lure or cajole someone or an animal into doing something. We finally enticed him into running for office. Donna enticed the cat into coming down from the tree.


someone (or an animal) into something to lure someone or an animal into something. Can I entice you into the house for some cold lemonade? We were able to entice the squirrel into the box with nuts.


someone or an animal with something to lure someone or an animal with something. We tried to entice him with a description of the cake, but he was not interested in coming. If the cat won't come in, try enticing it with a bit of fish.
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Perera enticed his victims to the UK with the intention of "sexually assaulting and exploiting them", she said.
Dubai: Enticed, who Godolphin believe has the credentials to be a Breeders' Cup contender, can justify that confidence with a good effort in Saturday's Grade 1 $500,000 Champagne at Belmont Park, USA.
You enticed her there for your own sexual pleasure.
If they are going to be enticed away, they will be enticed away, but if they are being enticed away they are not the right player for us.
Following in the fashion of its predecessors, it has a dark, mysterious, romantic feel that makes readers feel enticed by the characters.
She enticed more than 300 pigeons and neighbours - who have complained since 2007 - said they were woken by "a mass of cooing" every morning and that the noise sometimes went on "all day and into the night".
Another interesting finding of the Rose Research study--24 percent of respondents indicated that they would be enticed to buy more mushrooms if they "knew more about their health benefits.
In addition to appreciating a good story, some listeners may be enticed into further study of these "lost gospels," Gnosticism, and the history of the early Christian church.
No photos, which would have enhanced the presentation but serious cooks with experience don't need them to be enticed.
How foolish; as soon as I did enter and was enticed past, or across, or below the various manifestations within, I realised that he really understands the theatre of cathedrals--an almost forgotten art.
The import of international firms has created a demand for development in Latin America that in turn has enticed the likes of powerhouse Manhattan developer/owners such as Tishman Speyer Properties.
ARSENE WENGER will today almost certainly be forced to break ARSENAL'S silence over increasing speculation that skipper PATRICK VIEIRA will be enticed away from Highbury before the start of the new season.
Not only can crooks forge the addresses of fraudulent sites that users are enticed to visit, they have also been able to copy the small padlock graphic that guarantees "secure" transactions.
To coax her to pose for cameras, the institute enticed her with excess food, and Dolly became overweight at an early age.