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entice (someone or something) into (something)

1. To appeal to someone or an animal in some way, in order to convince them to do something. My parents are trying to use money to entice me into getting better grades—and it's working!
2. To appeal to someone or an animal in some way, in order to convince them to physically enter something. What can we use to entice the animals into the trap? I enticed the kids into the car with the promise of ice cream.
See also: entice

entice (someone or something) with (something)

To use something appealing to convince someone or an animal to do something. We enticed the animals with some food and got them into the trap. I enticed the kids with the promise of ice cream.
See also: entice

entice someone

(or an animal) into doing something to lure or cajole someone or an animal into doing something. We finally enticed him into running for office. Donna enticed the cat into coming down from the tree.


someone (or an animal) into something to lure someone or an animal into something. Can I entice you into the house for some cold lemonade? We were able to entice the squirrel into the box with nuts.


someone or an animal with something to lure someone or an animal with something. We tried to entice him with a description of the cake, but he was not interested in coming. If the cat won't come in, try enticing it with a bit of fish.
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sure to entice reluctant boy readers 11 -15 years with its spooky and suspenseful storyline.
Entice Him & Her is available in 75ml bottle across all Ajmal showrooms and selected dealers from all over the Middle East.
Bloom adds: "We want to entice and engage with the consumer, and get the fragrance companies behind the campaign in a big way without infringing on their own brands.
Stratus Telecommunications LLC, a provider of VoIP and converged service solutions, announced on Tuesday (2 June) that World Discount Telecommunications (WDT), a US provider of discount telecoms services for residential and business customers, is deploying the Stratus Telecom ENTICE telecommunications platform in a phased roll-out.
I am sure that Welsh tourism business and Visit Wales can entice people with bargains.
The company has further combined its Stratus CSB with ENTICE to enable the services that are provided by one network to be used in another.
5 billion in advertising each year to entice children and people of color to smoke.
The local military recruiting center has swapped its worn, drab appearance for a sharper image designed to entice young folks shopping for ``what's next?
To entice them, many states offer tax incentives for the construction or improvement of facilities, purchase of capital equipment or employment of additional staff.
A year earlier, its barn-like exterior had failed to entice me in and I tend to find his work uninspiring.
Additionally, these offenders use electronic images, as they would with hard copy materials, of child pornography and even favorite cartoon characters engaged in sexual acts to encourage or entice juveniles to participate in inappropriate conduct.
With FedNor trade adviser Jay Aspin, Wojick has been making presentations and suggestions of possible sites to various companies in an attempt to entice developers to come northward.
The tremors entice the female to stay while the male inches closer to her.
Beforehand you were really getting second rate towers that didn't exactly entice foreign firms.
From concept stores and design malls to lobbies and lounges, urban entertainment centers, fairs and expos, and much more, public spaces of all kinds draw upon the fundamental principles that Mikunda clearly delineates to better set their customers at ease and entice them into returning again and again.