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enthrall (one) with (something)

To capture and hold one's attention through a particular means. The baby is totally enthralled with that new mobile you hung above her crib—she just can't stop watching it. Susie is a great storyteller, so I'm sure she'll enthrall you all with her latest tale.
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enthrall someone with something

to charm or captivate someone with something. They enthralled us with the beauty of their singing. The children enthralled us with their rustic dances.
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Thodd along with Shahid Malang enthralled the spectators and received applause on their performance on guitar and rabab.
You'll be equally enthralled by the story of our Corporate Executive of the Year.
They hold each other and push one another away; they are bored or friendly, distant, desperate, or enthralled.
Kids may be enthralled by things that mean nothing to you.
Islamabad -- Punjab Council of the Arts arranged Punjab musical night at Lok Virsa, Shakarparian, in which folk singers from all over Punjab enthralled audience with wonderful performances.
This supernatural thriller keeps readers enthralled from beginning to end.
Readers will be enthralled as Bain's pursuit of Christ leads him through a twisting and evermore intricate plot involving Hitler, discovering rewrites of the Gospel, and many more modern and estranging studies.
Readers will become enthralled as they follow Quintus through his journey of gladiatorial training and learn of the true brutality rejoiced in the everyday living of the later Roman age.
Children were enthralled as he spoke about how astronauts eat and the kind of experiments which are completed in space.
He would surely be enthralled by the new worlds (webs, wombs, and wavescapes) envisaged by this post-High-Tech, post-Deconstructivist crowd pushing (or should that be hawking?
And at the core of all of this is Margaret's almost masochistic passion for women--Margaret becomes most fully alive when she is most profoundly enthralled by Selina; most happy when she is most controlled.
Dean's compelling reading will keep his listeners enthralled as he recounts the unrelenting pursuit of the enemy.
As the story progresses, readers will become enthralled in the discovery of the early couples inspection into one another, and the bi-polar disorder takes root in Michelle's peculiarities.