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entertain (oneself, someone, or something) with (something)

To amuse oneself, someone, or something with something. Can you entertain the kids with a movie or something so that I can get some work done? I entertained the puppy with a few rounds of fetch.
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entertain someone with something

to provide something for amusement or refreshment to someone. Will you try to entertain the children with a game or two, please? She entertained herself with the puzzle.
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The use of a single piece of literature, along with a film adaptation as a comprehensive metaphor for contemporary reality has proven to be an entertaining and engaging way to illustrate and apply course content.
Entertaining Mr Sloane brilliantly captures the mood of the era and audiences can expect an authentic period feel in this Courtyard production.'
"Now the football is not entertaining. They have not got creative players.
For Arc International, "wine is still central to entertaining," said Carey Cuddeback, vice president of marketing and product development.
"Although the mansion reflects a classic aesthetic, it also features a modern layout with large bedrooms, en suite bathrooms for every bedroom, and a wealth of entertaining space," adds Ganz.
Imaginatively written by Marianne Markarian for young readers ages 8 to 12, "The Pesky Bird" is an entertaining story with a theme about social acceptance, set in a small Armenian village in the early 1900s.
This is the entertaining story of Nate Kenny--a handsome and rich entrepreneur with a beautiful wife.
And now the highly effective strategies of thinking from this remarkable mathematical world are available to you in The Joy of Thinking: The Beauty and Power of Classical Mathematical Ideas, in 24 dear and entertaining video lectures.
I have a personal goal of actually getting a handicap by next summer -I need to spend less time working so hard and more time entertaining because I am not finding the time to get on to a golf course.''
It's true that as far as the Montreal-based Robert is concerned, going to the movies is a relatively expensive pastime and so films should be entertaining and offer value for the money: for the $12 ticket, the cost of parking, babysitting and, heaven knows, the snacks.
Do you pride yourself on witty banter, hilarious anecdotes and an infamous thirst for entertaining? If this is you, Channel 4 requires your help as dinner party hosts.
The keynote presentations proved both educational and entertaining. Intellectual capital guru Nick Bontis talked about "Winning in a Knowledge Era." He said it is easy to distribute knowledge today, but most of that knowledge isn't valuable.
And we're not good at entertaining. So young people now go to the mega-churches where they're being wonderfully entertained.
Bromsgrove, the North Midlands Cup holders, have home advantage in this season's quarter-finals, entertaining either Telford Hornets or Old Yardleians at Finstall Park on December 30.
The pleasure of Weber's works is rooted in their ability to playfully remind us how much our relationship with images depends on a suspension of disbelief that isn't reserved for the matinee and how much suspending that suspension can be just as intriguing and entertaining.
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