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entertain (oneself, someone, or something) with (something)

To amuse oneself, someone, or something with something. Can you entertain the kids with a movie or something so that I can get some work done? I entertained the puppy with a few rounds of fetch.
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entertain someone with something

to provide something for amusement or refreshment to someone. Will you try to entertain the children with a game or two, please? She entertained herself with the puzzle.
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Furthermore, over half of the adults surveyed said they enjoy the added bonus of indoor den building being free, which is no surprise with over 60 per cent admitting they spend a lot more money during the summer holidays to keep the kids entertained.
I have been on this game for a long time and I know what my fans want from me; I know they want to be entertained. I am ready to keep them entertained,' he said.
Azadi Train got warm reception and later, the folk artists representing all four provinces including Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Jammu Kashmir entertained the visitors with enthralling performances at jam packed railway station.
If children are entertained all the time then they aren't able to learn new things.
Opening a savings account via the mobile app is also quick and easy and can help customers plan for any unexpected extras to help keep the kids entertained this summer."
Only one game was played in Division One when Stockton West End entertained Port Clarence at North Shore.
Guests were entertained at their tables by a magician.
Second sentence, Russell Crowe said: "Are you not entertained?", well the Newcastle fans weren't entertained by Sam's tactics and negative play.
Illustrated throughout with period photography, readers will learn how log cabins were sited and built; the kinds of music that entertained, inspired, celebrated and consoled; the art and craft of making moonshine whiskey; how log cabin kids entertained themselves; cooking; the beauty secrets and practices of log cabin women; even accounts of log cabin hauntings and legends.
These days, most heads of (movie) studios have kids," she adds, and when they go to the cinema, they want to be entertained, too.
Not your traditional bedtime tales, these stories are related with gusto and a booming voice, leaving all listeners entertained and energized.
He doesn't play by himself yet, so he needs to be entertained. After two hours of entertaining, I can give him his bath.
Finally, Carr Hagerman entertained attendees with his presentation of the "Fish!" philosophy.
African American youth have the same difficulty as other American youth have, and that is they've grown up being entertained. And we're not good at entertaining.