entertain with

entertain (oneself, someone, or something) with (something)

To amuse oneself, someone, or something with something. Can you entertain the kids with a movie or something so that I can get some work done? I entertained the puppy with a few rounds of fetch.
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entertain someone with something

to provide something for amusement or refreshment to someone. Will you try to entertain the children with a game or two, please? She entertained herself with the puzzle.
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The bistro is calling on anyone who would like to entertain with singing, playing a musical instrument, telling jokes, dancing, ventriloquism, magic, or any other talents to come on down.
In the same statement, Flay added, "We want these products to be part of everyone's kitchen, and to inspire you to grill and entertain with them every weekend."
Knowing how to entertain with cigars is the perfect prelude to business
In diachronic terms, she recapitulates some important concerns of Medieval "entrees en matiere," especially the authenticating mention of the "auctores" which give legitimacy and veracity to the text being introduced, and she notes the relations our "conteurs" entertain with this earlier notion of fictional authority.
Losse sparks up our interest for the fertile relations the prologues proleptically entertain with the narrative fictions they present, but she stops short of a more substantial treatment.