enter into the spirit (of something)

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enter into the spirit (of something)

To show one's interest in enjoying a social event by actively participating in its activities, dressing appropriately, etc. I specifically wore red and green to enter into the spirt of Christmas. Come on, dance with us! Enter into the spirit!
See also: enter, spirit

enter into the spirit

join wholeheartedly in an event.
1994 Jonathan Coe What a Carve Up! His sarcasm was mischievous rather than icy, so I tried to enter into the spirit.
See also: enter, spirit

get/enter into the ˈspirit of something

take part in an activity or event with enthusiasm: Every year he gets into the spirit of Christmas by decorating his whole house with coloured lights.The party went well because everyone entered into the spirit of things.
See also: enter, get, of, something, spirit
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I love a good debate and, if everyone enters into the spirit of it, anything goes (as long as it's not Big Brother).
A spokesman said: "The course is open to all dads and it's important everyone enters into the spirit of the activity so the training will be delivered in an informal, supportive and relaxed manner."