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NEW MILL: Wednesday August 26 - Burglar cut padlock on outbuilding, entered and stole quad bike and off-road bike.
I'm old and frequently forget whether or not I actually entered or not.
Even some species that don't contend with harsh winters by hunkering down for months at a stretch, such as mice, enter torpor daily when food is in limited supply and temperatures are chilly.
Tax year of finality: The safe harbor for the tax year of finality for children who receive an IR2, IR3 or IR4 visa is either the tax year in which (1) the competent foreign authority enters a decree of adoption or (2) a home state court enters a decree of re-adoption or otherwise recognizes the decree of the foreign-sending country, if that tax year is one of the next two tax years after the one in which the competent authority enters the decree.
Can we find a way to understand that God's commitment to enter our life is also a commitment to enter our death?
He further claims that 16 to 20 percent of the nitrogen in Long Island Sound comes from rain that falls on the estuary itself or enters the watershed.
"It allows the user to enter the minimum amount of data and get through the process far more intuitively rather than having to know the intricacies and idiosyncrasies of the city's site."
Be sure to enter a large enough number to cover the period you want because Excel permanently erases the change history for any days beyond that deadline, including discarded changes.
* The tech entered a description of actual service performed on the hard copy service order form along with hours worked and any materials or supplies used to complete the work.
The Naval Inventory Control Point, Philadelphia, International Programs Department entered the electronic commerce age with the unveiling of its eBusiness Suite of applications.
When the ball is entered to a wing [ILLUSTRATION FOR DIAG.
Aug 3 - Door forced to enter portable office at Station Yard, Station Road.
In particular, TAM 200604033 raises significant questions about whether a taxpayer that enters into a VPF can ever enter into a stock loan of the underlying shares without running afoul of Sec.
When an officer enters a subject's home and arrests him, not only has the officer seized the subject but, by entering the home, the officer also has conducted a Fourth Amendment search of the home.
The preparer enters the tax information from a series of input screens grouped into six general areas: general information, income, expenses, taxes, credits and other information.