enter into the spirit (of something)

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enter into the spirit (of something)

To show one's interest in enjoying a social event by actively participating in its activities, dressing appropriately, etc. I specifically wore red and green to enter into the spirt of Christmas. Come on, dance with us! Enter into the spirit!
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enter into the spirit

join wholeheartedly in an event.
1994 Jonathan Coe What a Carve Up! His sarcasm was mischievous rather than icy, so I tried to enter into the spirit.
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get/enter into the ˈspirit of something

take part in an activity or event with enthusiasm: Every year he gets into the spirit of Christmas by decorating his whole house with coloured lights.The party went well because everyone entered into the spirit of things.
See also: enter, get, of, something, spirit
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Philip could not resist entering into the spirit of the occasion and flipped a steak sizzling on a grill as he joined cooks attempting to hold a record-breaking barbecue.
STAFF at Dudley Zoo are entering into the spirit of Halloween with a scary doorstep campaign.
He said: "It seems he was entering into the spirit of the programme by trying to be amusing because, with the deepest respect, he's totally incorrect.
QVC has so far raised nearly pounds 3m for Breast Cancer Care and senior operations manager Ingrid Arnold said: "QVC's Breast Cancer Care event was a great success here on the Knowsley site, with all departments entering into the spirit."
WOMEN GO GLOBAL: It was International Women's Day in March 1989 and Middlesbrough was entering into the spirit of things with events spreading over a three-week period.
I must also thank all the individuals who generously donated to the cause and, last but not least, special gratitude to the huge number of people who attended on the night - it was great to see so many wearing red and entering into the spirit of the occasion.
While he certainly seemed to be entering into the spirit of things yesterday, Dave is adamant he will never fall victim to one rock star plague - drugs.
Not everyone is entering into the spirit of consumer hedonism, however.