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enter in(to) (something)

1. To move into something. Once you enter into the parking garage, turn left.
2. To agree to something, such as a contract. It is common law that those who enter into a written agreement must adhere to the terms contained therein.
3. To sign up or enlist for something. I'm a pretty good singer, so I'm definitely entering in the talent show this year.
4. To sign someone else up for something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "enter" and "in(to)." I'm definitely entering Sasha into the talent show this year. She may be shy, but she's a great singer.
5. To submit something into something else, such as a competition. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "enter" and "in(to)." Your short story is fantastic! You really ought to enter it in the writing competition this year. I'm entering my painting into an art contest.
6. To become a part of or factor in something. Once my uncle's shortcomings entered into the dinner conversation, I knew that a fight was inevitable. If Mom and Dad think that alcohol will enter into the equation, they definitely won't let you go to that party.
7. To join or begin to participate in something. Did you hear that Jody is entering into med school in the fall? The two countries have finally entered into treaty negotiations after two years of conflict.
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(something) by something and enter (something) through something to enter something or some place by way of a certain entrance. We entered the building by the west door. You should enter through the revolving door only.

enter someone or something in(to) something

to enroll someone or something in something; to make someone or something a competitor in something. I will enter you into the contest whether you like it or not. The trainer entered his fastest horse in the race.
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enter in something

to enroll as a participant in something, such as a contest, competition, etc. She was not ready to enter in the competition. I can't enter in that contest. I'm not prepared.
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enter into something

1. . Lit. to get into something. She entered into the house and immediately went to work. As the people entered into the cathedral, they became quiet.
2. Fig. to join in something; to participate in something. I couldn't get him to enter into the spirit of the party. She just loves to enter into things and have a good time with people.
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enter into

1. Participate in, take an active role or interest in, as in We had to think twice before we entered into these negotiations. [Late 1700s]
2. Become party to (a contract), bind oneself, as in The nations entered into a new agreement. [First half of 1500s]
3. Become a component, form a part of, as in Finances soon entered into the discussion. [Early 1700s]
4. Also, go into. Consider, investigate, as in The report entered into the effect of high interest rates, or Let's not go into that. [Mid-1500s]
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enter into

1. To participate or take an active interest in something: After college, she entered into politics. The union and management have decided to enter into negotiations in order to settle the strike.
2. To enroll or register someone or something in some activity: I'm going to enter my dog into the competition.
3. To become party to a contract: The nations entered into a trade agreement.
4. To become a part of something: Financial matters entered into the discussion.
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As a result, Group A taxpayers would be required to continue separate-entity treatment for hedging transactions entered into subsequent to the date the proposed hedging regulations are promulgated in final form unless the Commissioner consents to revocation of the separate-entity election.
For example, if (1) the taxpayer did not loan the pledged shares to the counterparty until six months after the VPF was entered into, (2) there was no pre-existing agreement that such a loan would ever take place and (3) the counterparty paid an arm's-length fee for borrowing the shares, would the stock loan and the VPF be viewed as part of one agreement?
Concurrently with the issuance of the regulations, the IRS issued a notice of proposed rulemaking (FI-34-94),(2) relating to the character and time for recognition of certain hedging transactions entered into by members of an affiliated group filing consolidated returns.
For example, in asset reorganizations involving two different consolidated groups, to the extent that the group going out of existence had entered into GRAs, they will be triggered if the U.S.
These timing rules will be effective only for transactions entered into more than 60 days after the final regulations are published.
(55) The proposed regulations would also provide that if an agreement is modified to increase the number of items to be supplied under the agreement--for example, by the exercise of an option or the issuance of a "change order" --the additional items generally should be treated as a separate contract or as several separate contracts and should be treated as entered into on the date the contract modification becomes effective.
501(c)(3), even though it had entered into a joint venture with a for-profit partner; St.
Justice O'Brien ruled that the reality of the events however, indicated that Jacobson entered into the contract of sale in November 1993, while represented by counsel.
Disclosure: "Taxpayers may have entered into confidentiality agreements before 2003 and not been required to disclose under Sec.
Exclusive agency agreements entered into between brokers and tenants typically contemplate the payment of a commission to the agent only for a sublease, lease assignment or lease termination or a similar disposition of the space.
Was entered into in the course of the taxpayer's trade or business or a transaction entered into for profit;
* The existing corporate registration regulations will likely be expanded to cover transactions entered into by individuals, partnerships, S corporations and trusts.
Taxpayer T and Agent X entered into a credit arrangement for T's benefit that provided for both fixed and revolving amounts of borrowings.
Finally, public elementary and secondary schools have inquired about the tax consequences of entering into exclusive provider arrangements similar to those entered into by colleges and universities.
23 (2001), the Tax Court held that a company had to amortize a covenant not to compete that was entered into in conjunction with a redemption of its stock over 15 years.