enter (one's) name

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enter (one's) name

To submit one's own or someone else's name for consideration in a selection, such as a competition, application pool, election, etc. I'm thinking about entering my name for class president! Just so you know, I entered your name for a chance to win an all-expenses-paid trip to Florida! As has been widely predicted, the governor announced today that he was entering his name for the presidential election next year.
See also: enter, name

enter somebody’s/your ˈname (for something)


put somebody’s/your ˈname down (for something)

apply for a place at a school, in a competition, etc. for somebody or yourself: Have you entered your name for the quiz yet?
See also: enter, name
References in classic literature ?
A popular actress had entered her name on the ship's books, but something interfered and she couldn't go.
He took out his note-book, and entered her name and the date, with a brief memorandum.
Mary Jane, one of the winners, entered her name for the raffle when she obtained coupons on purchase of a camera for her trip to South Africa.
Seven year old Aesha Mohamed won AED 50, 000 in cash and gifts when her father entered her name for the raffle.
Her two pals entered her name and key stats, big chest, big legs, big bod and she was accepted as the perfect six foot contrast to the other female contestants.