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abandon hope, all ye who enter here

A message warning one about a hopeless situation from which there is no return. The Italian version of this phrase appears in Dante's Divine Comedy as the inscription on the entrance to Hell. The phrase is most often used humorously. I'll never forget my first day as an intern and the sign above my cubicle that said, "Abandon all hope, all ye who enter here."
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breaking and entering

A crime in which a person forcibly gains access to a home or building without authorization. The man was only charged with breaking and entering because he didn't commit any further crimes once inside the building.
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enter (one's) mind

To occur to one suddenly. After that idea entered my mind, I was able to alter the experiment and finally achieve some success.
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enter (up)on (something)

1. Literally, to enter some thing or place as something is happening. Apparently, we entered upon an argument when we arrived late to the family dinner. The teachers were shocked to enter upon a food fight in the cafeteria.
2. To begin or start a course of action. When do you guys enter on your journey?
3. To gain possession or ownership of something. I entered on the building after the landlord agreed to sell it to me.
4. To start thinking about something. In today's meeting, we're going to enter on the issue of job vacancies in our department.
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enter in(to) something

1. To move into something. Once you enter into the parking garage, turn left.
2. To agree to something, such as a contract. It is common law that those who enter into a written agreement must adhere to the terms contained therein.
3. To sign up or enlist for something. I'm a pretty good singer, so I'm definitely entering in the talent show this year.
4. To sign someone else up for something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "enter" and "in" or "into." I'm definitely entering Sasha into the talent show this year. She may be shy, but she's a great singer.
5. To become a part of or factor in something. Once my uncle's shortcomings entered into the dinner conversation, I knew that a fight was inevitable. If mom and dad think that alcohol will enter into the equation, they definitely won't let you go to that party.
6. To participate in something. Did you hear that Jody is entering into med school in the fall?
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enter into the spirit (of something)

To show one's interest in enjoying a social event by dressing appropriately or participating in related activities. I specifically wore red and green to enter into the spirt of Christmas. Come on, dance with us! Enter into the spirit!
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enter the fray

1. To join a competition. Now that you've entered the fray and decided to run for mayor, I hope you've prepared for the personal attacks unfortunately are likely to follow.
2. To join in on an argument. Once my relatives start arguing, I usually leave the room rather than enter the fray.
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enter the lists

To join an argument or competition. Now that you've entered the lists and decided to run for mayor, I hope you've prepared for the personal attacks unfortunately are likely to follow. Once my relatives start arguing, I usually leave the room rather than enter the lists.
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Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.

Prov. If you come in, be prepared for the worst. (Describes a hopeless situation or one somehow similar to hell. Often used jocularly. This is the English translation of the words on the gate of Hell in Dante's Inferno.) This is our cafeteria. Abandon hope, all ye who enter here!
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breaking and entering

the crime of forcing one's way into a place. (A criminal charge.) Wilbur was charged with four counts of breaking and entering. It was not an act of breaking and entering. The thief just opened the door and walked right in.
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enter in something

to enroll as a participant in something, such as a contest, competition, etc. She was not ready to enter in the competition. I can't enter in that contest. I'm not prepared.
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enter into something

1. . Lit. to get into something. She entered into the house and immediately went to work. As the people entered into the cathedral, they became quiet.
2. Fig. to join in something; to participate in something. I couldn't get him to enter into the spirit of the party. She just loves to enter into things and have a good time with people.
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enter one's mind

Fig. [for an idea or memory] to come into one's consciousness; to be thought of. Leave you behind? The thought never even entered my mind. A very interesting idea just entered my mind. What if I ran for Congress?
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enter someone or something in(to) something

to enroll someone or something in something; to make someone or something a competitor in something. I will enter you into the contest whether you like it or not. The trainer entered his fastest horse in the race.
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(something) by something and enter (something) through something to enter something or some place by way of a certain entrance. We entered the building by the west door. You should enter through the revolving door only.

enter the lists

Fig. to begin to take part in a contest or argument. He had decided not to stand for Parliament, but entered the lists at the last minute. The family disagreement had almost been resolved when the grandfather entered the lists.
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enter (up)on something

1. . to come in at a particular point as marked by something. We entered the theater upon the most delicate point of the story. Weenteredon thetail end of a live scene.
2. to begin something. Todd entered upon a new phase of his life. He entered on the management of a new project.
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enter into

1. Participate in, take an active role or interest in, as in We had to think twice before we entered into these negotiations. [Late 1700s]
2. Become party to (a contract), bind oneself, as in The nations entered into a new agreement. [First half of 1500s]
3. Become a component, form a part of, as in Finances soon entered into the discussion. [Early 1700s]
4. Also, go into. Consider, investigate, as in The report entered into the effect of high interest rates, or Let's not go into that. [Mid-1500s]
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enter on

Also, enter upon. Set out, begin, as in We are entering on a new era, or They entered upon the most difficult part of the research. [Early 1600s]
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enter one's mind

Also, enter one's head. Occur to one, come into one's consciousness. This expression is most often used negatively, as in It didn't enter my mind that he'd want to join us, or Run for office? It never entered my head.
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enter the lists

Also, enter the fray. Engage in a fight or competition, as in He said he'd be willing to enter the lists well before the primaries, or Whenever people disagreed, she was eager to enter the fray. The first term uses the noun lists in the sense of "a barrier around the arena enclosing medieval jousting tournaments" and was being used figuratively by the late 1500s. The variant uses fray in the sense of "a noisy skirmish or battle," a usage from the late 1300s.
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enter someone's head

occur to someone (usually used in the negative).
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the iron entered into someone's soul

someone became deeply and permanently affected by imprisonment or ill-treatment. literary
This expression comes from a phrase in the Latin Vulgate version of the Bible, ferrum pertransit animam ejus , a mistranslation of the Hebrew which literally translates as ‘his person entered into the iron’, meaning ‘he was placed in fetters’.
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enter the lists

issue or accept a challenge.
In medieval times, the lists were the enclosed area in which knights fought each other in tournaments.
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enter into the spirit

join wholeheartedly in an event.
1994 Jonathan Coe What a Carve Up! His sarcasm was mischievous rather than icy, so I tried to enter into the spirit.
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ˌbreaking and ˈentering

the act of getting into a building illegally by breaking a window, etc: Although they hadn’t stolen anything, they were still found guilty of breaking and entering.
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enter somebody’s ˈhead

be thought of by somebody; occur to somebody: It never even entered my head that we might not win.
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enter somebody’s/your ˈname (for something)


put somebody’s/your ˈname down (for something)

apply for a place at a school, in a competition, etc. for somebody or yourself: Have you entered your name for the quiz yet?
See also: enter, name

get/enter into the ˈspirit of something

take part in an activity or event with enthusiasm: Every year he gets into the spirit of Christmas by decorating his whole house with coloured lights.The party went well because everyone entered into the spirit of things.
See also: enter, get, of, something, spirit

enter into

1. To participate or take an active interest in something: After college, she entered into politics. The union and management have decided to enter into negotiations in order to settle the strike.
2. To enroll or register someone or something in some activity: I'm going to enter my dog into the competition.
3. To become party to a contract: The nations entered into a trade agreement.
4. To become a part of something: Financial matters entered into the discussion.
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enter on

1. To begin or set out on something: With the assassination of the prime minister, the country entered on four years of civil unrest.
2. To begin considering something; take up something: After approving the budget proposal, the committee entered on the problem of raising taxes.
3. To take possession of something: When my uncle passed away, I entered on his estate and began managing the family business.
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enter upon

To begin or set out on something: We have entered upon a challenging period in our lives.
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Hornaday will be entered in tonight's late model race at Adirondack International Speedway in New York.
The arrangement is entered into in connection with the performance of services and the employee or service provider is not the insurance contract's owner; or
The proposed regulations with respect to hedges by members of consolidated groups are to be effective for transactions entered into on or after the date that is 60 days after the publication of final regulations in The Federal Register.
Purchasing supplies can be entered on file cards and usage of items tracked.
Duxbury, MA: A Town Recreation site, entered by two sisters - the mother and aunt of a boy with special needs - so kids with and without disabilities can play together.
According to the IRS, the agreements entered into by the parties required the taxpayer to consent to each stock loan.
Hot-hitting Haag: Fresno State senior infielder Ryan Haag, another Hart product, entered the week ranked 10th in the Western Athletic Conference in batting.
Pollard, (20) an informant and an undercover officer entered a residence to purchase 4 kilograms of cocaine.
Time and billing information was entered into the inter nal time and billing program for subsequent billing;
Though the information we entered should have been sufficient for the software to automatically generate form 5329 to determine the additional tax due on the excess contribution, we had to specifically request this form.
Justice O'Brien ruled that the reality of the events however, indicated that Jacobson entered into the contract of sale in November 1993, while represented by counsel.
Although some key-entered transactions are inevitable due to damaged cards, manually entered transactions hinder customer service on both the merchant acquiring and card issuing sides of the business," said Fisher.
For instance, Sprules observes, before BC entered Lake Michigan, surveys of deep, open waters recorded three Daphnia species.
7) The new percentages apply to contracts entered into after October 13, 1987.
In connection with the offering, Forest City has entered into a puttable note hedge transaction and warrant transaction with one or more counterparties (which include one or more of the initial purchasers of the notes or their affiliates).