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(Similarly, you can become perplexed by the way a relentless cadmium red can flatten a picture into inertness.) You become absorbed by the way space shifts from implacable flatness to a suggestion of the enterable and back again.
Recent enhancements to DynPro include increased program security, an on-screen numbers pad, customizable control modes and fault actions, on-screen operator enterable parameter values and increased calculated channel capabilities and functions.
The continued distrust in private enterprises is apparent also from the fact that many sectors are enterable by joint venture firms (under "Other Type"), but not domestic private firms.
(54.) Padel, similarly, finds in Greek medicine and literature a "general notion that women endanger men by being enterable"; "Women: Model for Possession," 11.
For him, only when the poet's subjectivity and the objective world it perceives achieve perfect harmony, as do yin and yang, can poetry attain "resonance beyond tone." In traditional Chinese literary criticism, "emotion-scene fusion" associates itself with "painting in poetry" through the three notions of ru-hua (painting-like, ru meaning "like" ), ru-hua (literally, enterable into painting, i.e., paintable, ru meaning "enter"), and hua-yi (literally, the idea of painting, i.e., painterly flavor).
If the destination Panel is named MyPanel, and the Table's node of interest is (3, 4), the actual formula (enterable without typing, using only the mouse to choose operators and operands) would be: