enter (one's) name

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enter (one's) name

To submit one's own or someone else's name for consideration in a selection, such as a competition, application pool, election, etc. I'm thinking about entering my name for class president! Just so you know, I entered your name for a chance to win an all-expenses-paid trip to Florida! As has been widely predicted, the governor announced today that he was entering his name for the presidential election next year.
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enter somebody’s/your ˈname (for something)


put somebody’s/your ˈname down (for something)

apply for a place at a school, in a competition, etc. for somebody or yourself: Have you entered your name for the quiz yet?
See also: enter, name
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References in classic literature ?
"Your fame is very well known to me, and I shall ask my lady to enter your name upon my tablets," said Sir Bertrand.
When you enter your name, it will also redirect you to the page 'Something is wrong '.
To participate in the competition, all you need to do is login to https://otters.thedubaiaquarium.com , enter your name and email address and share your suggestions.
Please enter your name, email address and company to join the call.
You don't need to provide any payment details - just enter your name, email and address, then your free tastecard will be sent to you.
To subscribe simply click on the "eNewsletter" menu button and enter your name and e-mail address at the bottom of the page.
If you would like to enter your name for this quarterly drawing, please visit the website.
If you live in Flintshire and drive to work, enter your name and contact details (including address and phone number) at cro@flintshire.gov.uk You will get a personalised travel plan with details of how you can travel to and from work by bus, and get a free Arriva weekly bus ticket for seven days.
Braehead's marketing manager Lydia Young said: "If you like watching LK Today or you want the chance to get a fabulous makeover on the show, you should enter your name on our website and come down to Braehead."
Simply enter your name, their name and your crush's e-mail address.
Hey, (enter your name here), bet you never thought I'd be writing a column about you.
Do not include the {} when you enter your name. The newsletter will be sent to the e-mail address from which you are subscribing.
Follow the instructions to enter your name and email address, enter the code REGLK and chose one or two tickets.
When you receive an e-mail alert asking you to contact your representatives about pending legislation needing DAV and Auxiliary support, you simply type in your ZIP code, enter your name, mailing and e-mail addresses and click send.