enter (one's) name

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enter (one's) name

To submit one's own or someone else's name for consideration in a selection, such as a competition, application pool, election, etc. I'm thinking about entering my name for class president! Just so you know, I entered your name for a chance to win an all-expenses-paid trip to Florida! As has been widely predicted, the governor announced today that he was entering his name for the presidential election next year.
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enter somebody’s/your ˈname (for something)


put somebody’s/your ˈname down (for something)

apply for a place at a school, in a competition, etc. for somebody or yourself: Have you entered your name for the quiz yet?
See also: enter, name
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Moreover IG exhorted that not only ensure the arrest proclaimed offenders but make it obligatory to enter their names in Register No.
He electronically entered the names of Hassan Ali and Eman Fatima at a tablet to enter their names for two public sector schools.
He said those persons who are legible and their names are not in the lists should immediately enter their names in the lists.
Bulgarians eligible to vote but whose names are not on the voters roll will still be able to vote, as heads of polling stations are entitled to enter their names on an extra page attached to the roll, Ivanov said.
Customers who purchase tickets on the airline's website can enter their names into a draw held each month to win ten free tickets in the same class of travel, or in October a One year Pass super prize, which will allow one winner and another passenger to fly together in the same class as many times as they wish to any CAL destinations.
7 game against Delaware State University, students could enter their names in a drawing at Bud Walton Arena for a chance to win $500 toward textbooks for the spring semester.
Once users enter their names and passwords into the false Twitter site, their Twitter identity is used to send out spam to their followers or to trick them into similarly giving up their user name and password.
If you have a computer, DJ, just enter their names and read the results.
Big hitters can enter their names on the high-score board.
And if you are looking for authors, see the "Help" section on how to enter their names. [Note: Do not type quote marks when doing the searches.]
. The Public Enterprise Reform Committee invites companies and private investors interested in participating as a financial partner in the capitalization process of the tobacco companies to submit proposals of interest and to enter their names in a register of interested companies.