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enter (up)on (something)

1. Literally, to enter some thing or place as something is happening. Apparently, we entered upon an argument when we arrived late to the family dinner. The teachers were shocked to enter upon a food fight in the cafeteria.
2. To begin or start a course of action. When do you guys enter on your journey?
3. To gain possession or ownership of something. I entered on the property after the landlord agreed to sell it to me.
4. To start thinking about something. In today's meeting, we're going to enter on the issue of job vacancies in our department.
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enter (up)on something

1. . to come in at a particular point as marked by something. We entered the theater upon the most delicate point of the story. Weenteredon thetail end of a live scene.
2. to begin something. Todd entered upon a new phase of his life. He entered on the management of a new project.
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enter on

Also, enter upon. Set out, begin, as in We are entering on a new era, or They entered upon the most difficult part of the research. [Early 1600s]
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enter on

1. To begin or set out on something: With the assassination of the prime minister, the country entered on four years of civil unrest.
2. To begin considering something; take up something: After approving the budget proposal, the committee entered on the problem of raising taxes.
3. To take possession of something: When my uncle passed away, I entered on his estate and began managing the family business.
See also: enter, on