enter (one's) head

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enter (one's) head

To be thought of by one. Take time to form your response to the interviewer—don't just blurt out the first thing that enters your head.
See also: enter, head

enter someone's head

occur to someone (usually used in the negative).
See also: enter, head

enter somebody’s ˈhead

be thought of by somebody; occur to somebody: It never even entered my head that we might not win.
See also: enter, head
References in classic literature ?
Even to you, my dear one, I write simply and without tricks, but just as a thought may happen to enter my head. Yes, I know all this; but if everyone were to become a fine writer, who would there be left to act as copyists?
If I'd let that thought even enter my head back in May 2007, I wouldn't have lasted another day.
If I'd let that thought enter my head back in 2007, I wouldn't have lasted another day....it is still inconceivable" Kate McCann on the 10th anniversary of the disappearance.
"It wouldn't enter my head to defame anybody, much less police officials.
I couldn't care less about football and it didn't enter my head that the colour scheme on the front of my shop would offend anyone."
The idea of just sitting in front of the telly didn't enter my head.
NEVER for one moment did it enter my head that the McCanns were responsible for the disappearance of their beautiful little girl.
The concept of purchasing what I needed from a builders' merchant didn't even enter my head. Unlike Adrian Hill of Dorking, Surrey (Letters, September 2003), I have had no difficulty getting all of the information I needed both for DIY or professional installers and grants.
"It did enter my head, but I won't be appealing," Durcan said yesterday.
'The fact they finished third bottom this term didn't enter my head. Owen doesn't settle for second best and neither do IFOOTBALL TODAY English League One Play-Offs semi-final 1st leg - Hartlepool v Tranmere (7.45).
It wouldn't even enter my head to book myself treatments like this, so I felt slightly uncomfortable about the thought of being surrounded by women in fluffy robes and matching slippers.
I'm a midwife and it would never enter my head to charge for the letters I write for patients.
Moving on didn't enter my head. Everything is going well - why would I leave?